Doobie Doobie Doo; Blue White Roundtable youngstown state edition.

1.This offseason seems to have more storylines than usual, quarterbacking issues, and Joe’s age aside what is the first thing you’ll be looking for come Saturday?

Up until yesterday - I wouldn't say that it was that chatty of an off season - luckily we didn't have a slew of "off the field" issues with the players this year.

I will definitely be watching the Defense in general - especially the linebacker corps - to see how it all comes together.

2. Penn State has a lot of depth in positions like Linebacker and Wideout. Considering the game should be in hand come the second half, which of the less talked about players on the Nittany Lion roster do you look forward to seeing in action?

I hope you are correct in your assumptions - if the Lions do find a reason to send in some of the reserves - I'd like to see if Mike Yancich and Mike Zordich can make a statement at linebacker -

3. How should Penn State handle the quarterbacking situation? How would you divide the workload?

I think they should start Bolden (har har) - this is an interesting situation- not only do we have a young and untested set of potential qbs, but they are going to be tested, early, no matter what pans out. My hope is that the O line can create situations where Royster is making an impact on the game, thus giving our new quarterback some opportunities.

4. What’s the best case scenario for Penn State coming out of this game? How does the offense/defense look in its development, and how many people has Jack Crawford killed?

Best case scenario is that the team comes out of the game healthy and with a win. It's difficult to say what to look for - because there are so many unknowns and they are playing a team that we really don't know so very much about. With such a ridiculously big game next week, the team, coaches and we, as fans, need to remember that ysu wants to play well just as much as we do.

Hopefully Jack doesn't hurt anyone too badly - hopefully he'll leave some of them with lasting memories (that is, if they can remember).

Rapid Fire

Over/Under (Penn State Score)—40 - I don't make score predictions
Going to the game - yes
Passing yardage > Rushing yardage? Rushing yardage
# of times Joe’s age/bowels are brought up on TV - most likely will reflect the score of the game

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