Flash Player is Outdated and Cumbersome; Penn State v. Kent State

We're just to the 3rd game of the season and Penn State already has a Hockey team -

Thanks to JoePa's Doghouse for this week's questions:

Question #1: We just went toe-to-toe with the #1 team in the country and were defeated rather decisively. It is clear that Alabama’s program is operating on a higher level than Penn State’s. What does our program need to do to reach the elite level of Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State…?

Well, obviously there is a lot of work to be done with this team - and I don't know if a Penn State team under the Paterno regime is ever going to be similar. I'm not saying that a Paterno team can't be successful - but they're just different.

Alabama did not play a perfect game nor were their players perfect. Another team, on another day, would have taken advantage of the sloppiness and inconsistencies on (the Tide's) offense and their inexperience on defense. On the other hand, bama certainly made the best of our inexperience on offense and our non-existent tackling on defense.

What does Penn State have to do? Well, they have to establish a program that supports and exhibits great recruiting, strength training, conditioning and game play.

Question #2: When I was in T-Town, several seemingly knowledgeable Bama fans said that “the $EC had Texas in the bag until the Pac Ten offer and subsequent ‘bending over’ of the Big XII.” (Shakes head, rolls eyes) What misconception would you love to erase from Penn State fans’ heads so that we don’t sound so misinformed when Tide fans visit us next year?

That we invented the "we are" cheer?

Question #3: What does Penn State need to do in the next 2 games for you to feel that they’re ready to take on Iowa in the Big Ten opener? Feel free to include roster shake-ups that you would like to see.

Seriously? Well, they need to win these next two games as a starter. But in addition to that the defense needs to show up and start tackling and Graham Zug needs to catch a ball.

Question #4: Alabama was a tremendous road trip against a blue blood program with a fanbase as ravenous as ours. It was a marquee game in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, our future schedules are devoid of such a matchup. Put on your AD hat and pick 3 teams you’d have Penn State play home-and-away to fill out the decade. Now take off that hat before you raise parking prices!!!

Texas; Florida; and, what the heck, how about Miami.

Rapid Fire:
Turnovers? Penn State ____, Kent State _____

Please let it be under 3 for PSU and at least 1 for ksu (sorry Flashes).

How many non-BCS schools from Ohio will we play before Kent State shows up on the schedule again?

Who knows? Especially if the Big Ten expands to 9 regular season games. But we've played 3 since the last time we faced the Flashes - so, let's say 3.

Summarize our current recruiting “efforts” in 5 words or less.

Nothing remarkable, yet.

Football isn’t 100% of our lives. What’s the 1 tv show you can’t wait to watch this fall?

Penn State Football Story? oh, and Glee!

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