One Small Post for PSUgirl; Posting from the Parking Lot, Penn State v ysu

Not since Blogger did away with the "audio blog" feature years ago have we been able to post from the football game/tailgate.  Now, thanks to Broadband To Go (I'd personally like to thank Sir Richard) I am sitting in my PSU folding chair at the side of the tailgate table typing away on the MacBook Pro - ONLINE.

Today we had a small, but delicious Greek inspired tailgate featuring greek meatballs, lemon cupcakes with greek yogurt frosting and so, so, so much more.

Our new camp in the Green lot is awfully convenient to the stadium and a great atmosphere.  It will be a challange to stage bigger tailgates - but we have some ideas ;)

My only complaint (apart from the first quarter of the football game) is the wind.  There always seems to be a "but for" - but, as TailgateMaven would say "I'm not complaining."

To the Lion!

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