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Not football - but...

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Dream Seats & Dream Sequins

So, we had a ton of fun at the Penn State / Indiana game at FedEx Field.

We had fantastic seats - known as "dream seats" - and Tailgate Maven (who was wearing sequins) got a hug and a pix with a certain former Nittany Lion...


Blue White Roundtable Roundup - PSU v northwestern

Check out JoePa's Doghouse!

PENN STATE vs northwestern - Bistro Une Victoire.

Well, this is shaping up to be quite an exciting weekend.

Penn State hosts the wildcats of northwestern as they battle for that 6th win of the season... to become bowl eligible.

Kick-off is at 3:30pm and the game will be broadcast on ABC/ESPN2.

The weather report is a little daunting:  a high of 45F (low of 30F) with the chance of snow/rain showers.  Dress warmly, with layers and good boots.

What it looks like when it snows in Happy Valley.

northwestern dons uniforms of purple - which is usually easy to avoid in clothing - but let's pass on the blackberry cobbler this week.

We will be serving a variety of (warm) bistro inspired foods, including onion soup, beef with red wine sauce, gougeres, mini quiches, apple pie, and much more.

The lots open at 8am and we'll be parking in the Green Lot (behind the press box), email or message for more specific directions.  Look for a striped PSU flag.  

All are welcome.  Hope to see you on Saturday!


PENN STATE v northwestern Blue White Roundtable - the one where we actually post some answers.

Hey!  We’re actually going to answer these ones!!!
And yes, I am feeling much better now - thanks for asking.

The questions this week are from JoePa's Doghouse:

Matt McGloin played a very good game.  He made some big-time throws, managed the game, and didn’t make the critical mistake.  That said, as long as Rob Bolden is medically cleared, he should be the starter now and forever.  So, with that out of the way, here we go…

1.  Congratulations to Evan Royster for breaking the all-time Penn State rushing record.  Where do you rank him compared to the PSU running backs you have seen play live?
Evan looked great on Saturday - much better than he has all season, and maybe even last.  I do, however, remember thinking he was pretty keen a few years back... - I’ve been watching Penn State football all my life, and the Lions have fielded so many impressive backs over the years (and years).  Where do I rank Royster?  Well, so many fans/pundits 

2. Okay, I guess we need to have one QB question.  Will we see Kevin Newsome get any significant playing time this year? Where do you think he will be in 2011?
No, no I don’t.  Will he transfer?  It’s probably a good idea for him if he is not clicking with the Penn State program/scheme - but I really haven’t thought so much about it.

3.  Against Michigan, Nate Cadogan was used as a "TE" in some goal line situations.  What other outside the box ideas (offense or defense) can you come up with to provide additional sparks?
I’d say that the coaching crew went far beyond the expectations and imagination of just about everyone in the stands Saturday night - What more could they do?  Tackle.

4.  Which lifted curse was most satisfying: Royster converting a 4th & 1, Graham Zug making big-time catches, offensive success in the red zone, or PSU winning as underdog? Do you think it will carry over for the remainder of the season?
Red zone touchdowns, full stop.  However, Royster’s 4th and 1 run was key to the victory and great to see, and, I, personally, was thrilled to see Zug make some big time plays.  
I’m cynical - I think a big part of PSU’s success is owed to michigan - they couldn’t adjust (or execute).  A better (smarter) team (coach) will be the true test - The Lions will have to play very well on Saturday to confirm any progress.

5.  Whether you were at this game or not, we've all had to put up with douchebag Michigan fans.  Give me your best encounter with such a jerk.
Hmmm, michigan.  I guess fans in the stadium were the “worst” um’ers I’ve ever encountered (I mean, in real life they’re pretty darn smug).  But they were pretty “good” last week.  

Kibbles N Bits

1)  If you had to choose, would you rather have JoePa get his 400th win at home this Saturday against Northwestern or next week in front of stunned Buckeyes? I want Penn State to win this weekend - regardless of any records.

2)  Northwestern has given up more sacks than any team in the Big Ten.  Penn State has recorded the second fewest.  I’m setting the over/under at 1.5.  What say you? Oh, let’s hope it’s over.

3)  You have to admit that Northwestern has a pretty ugly color combination.  Let’s throw them a bone.  What’s your most prized purple possession? Interesting question - I dislike all things purple this week - but if I had to choose, it would be... my purple calculator.


Penn State vs Michigan - Fabulous game - Brilliant Tailgate.

We tested ourselves this past weekend - we had some serious system failures (of memory and equipment) - but we prevailed and thoroughly enjoyed our 10 hours of pre-game tailgating.

Cinnamon and walnut monkey bread - warmed up wonderfully on the Weber.

Delicious antepasta platter and straight from the farm sweet potato pie!

The Weber saved the day. It starred as grill, stretched creatively as oven, and understudied brilliantly for the stove - I was lucky to get this last second shot of the rueben sandwiches - they were gone in a flash (and so yummy!).


MVP! MVP! Wagner Secures 2nd Big Ten Honor of the Year

Our own Colin Wagner was named as Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week by the Big Ten for his performance against michigan.  While it was certainly a team effort, Colin did excel in the clutch moments of the game, with "security" points AND yards late in the game.

Per bigten.org:

SPECIAL TEAMS:Collin Wagner, Penn StateSR, K, State College, Pa./State College AreaWagner connected on both field goal attempts and five extra points and helped seal the victory with a fourth-down conversion on a fake field goal in a victory over Michigan. The senior kicker connected on a 32-yard field goal in the third quarter to put the Nittany Lions ahead 31-10. After the Wolverines cut the deficit to seven points with less than 10 minutes left in the game, Wagner capped the ensuing possession with a 42-yard field goal with just under six minutes remaining to push the lead back to 10 points. Michigan was unable to convert a fourth down on the next possession, but Penn State’s ensuing drive stalled and the Wolverines used their final timeout with 3:44 on the clock. Instead of kicking a field goal on fourth-and-four, PSU ran a fake and Wagner scrambled seven yards on his first collegiate carry for the first down. The Nittany Lions then ran out the clock for the win. Wagner nabs weekly accolades for the second time in his career and for the season after being honored on Sept. 27, 2010.
LAST PSU SPECIAL TEAMS POW: K Collin Wagner on Sept. 27, 2010.