If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, Why is pitt in a Bowl? 2010-11 Biased Bowl Predictions.

It's that time of year again! Our Bowled and Beautiful Biased Bowl Picks!!!

We analyze, compare and debate all the finer and complex aspects of college football, such as the teams' mascots, coaches' facial hair, and this year, apparently, whether or not it's a service academy.

So let's get started with the early games, through December 24th...

New Mexico
Albuquerque, N.M.
University Stadium
Dec. 18th, 2 p.m. ESPN
Cougars vs Miners
AKT: The only thing exciting about this game is the fact that its the first game! Other than that, no one cares who wins. But, I must pick…so in the honor of Chi-chi-chi Le-Le-Le—I am picking the Miners!
TM: While I like Chile (and chili!) I will have to go for BYU since I too am a cougar!
PG: I like you’re train of thought here Amanda, how can we possibly root against the Miners? UTEP it is!

uDrove Humanitarian
Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State
Boise, Idaho
Bronco Stadium
Dec. 18th, 5:30 p.m. ESPN
Huskies vs. Bulldogs
TM: Boise in December…I don’t know that this is really a ‘humanitarian’ thing to put football players through? I predict Fresno State won’t be able to stand the cold, so it will be the Huskies of Northern Illinois that will be the winner.
PG: The Huskies had a fine season, but I think I’ve made it very clear how I feel about the ‘stache. Coach Hill and the Bulldogs win.

R+L Carriers New Orleans
Ohio vs. Troy
New Orleans
Louisiana Superdome
Dec. 18th, 9 p.m. ESPN
Bobcats vs Trojans
PG: So, I wouldn’t have usually had a very strong bias toward or against either of these teams, except for a small little incident that happened earlier this season... Although it’s been condemned by all that know better, I have to say, there’s something strangely noble, albeit sad, about a life’s ambition being to crack a bucknut. For that reason, I’m for (the) Ohio; and, besides, slip’n’slides are dangerous.
TM: I’ll admit it. I just can’t make a pick for Ohio. I know, I know it’s not The Ohio State University, but still, it would just feel wrong to pick them. I pick (totally biased) the Trojans of Troy (say that fast 5 times!)

Beef 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg
Louisville vs. Southern Mississippi
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Tropicana Field
Dec. 21st, 8 p.m. ESPN
Cardinals vs Golden Eagles
AKT: Um…are freaking for real? Beef O’ Brady Bowl? I’m surprised neither of these teams turned this down. What is the gift for playing in this game? A cube steak? In my opinion, both of these teams lose for saying yes—however Southern Mississippi really goes home the loser. (Louisville)
TM: Let me get this straight. A ‘beef’ bowl, hosted at Tropicana Field? I have visions of beef and OJ that just makes me nauseous. I have to believe in a fight between a real golden eagle and a cardinal the golden eagle comes out on top. My pick…Southern Miss
PG: At first I thought this game was another name for when Gisele and Tom fight. I’m going to go against Southern Miss as well, but just because I don’t care for photo texts of body parts. (Louisville)

MAACO Las Vegas
Utah vs. Boise State
Las Vegas
Sam Boyd Stadium
Dec. 22nd, 8 p.m. ESPN
Utes vs Broncos
TM: Uh, oh! Better get Maaco! Boise State has been on a mission to enter the BCS and get the respect they feel they deserve. Utah looked like they would make an undefeated run this season…until…first they ran into the Horned Frogs of TCU and were sham-rocked by the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. I think Boise State is hungry for this win, but will need to try again next year. My pick…Utah.
PG: The Broncos probably shoulda coulda woulda had an undefeated season. I kinda like Boise - they’re brash and unsung. They win games and get little/no credit for it. Because they’re not in the “club” they don’t get to prove themselves, either good or bad, very often. I’m going with Boise State.

S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia
San Diego St vs. Navy
San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 23rd, 8 p.m. ESPN
Aztecs vs Midshipmen
PG: I don’t really have anything against the Aztecs of San Diego State, but they’re really fighting a losing battle. It’s like 2 home teams really - San Diego and the Navy are pretty much synonymous. For my own personal bias, I heart Navy, the color, the academy and the service branch (and their coach); plus, my high school fight song was “Anchors Aweigh.” So, ahoy Navy!
TM: Anyone who doesn’t pick Navy just isn’t a patriot. There…I said it…. My pick-Navy!

Sheraton Hawaii
Tulsa vs. Hawaii
Aloha Stadium
Dec. 24th,  8 p.m. ESPN
Golden Hurricane vs Warriors
AKT: So Hawaii automatically gets to play in this game unless they qualify for a BCS game. Neoptism at its finest. For this reason alone-Hawaii wins!
TM: Umm…I’m not sure what a ‘golden’ hurricane would be made of (let the mind wander on that…) but it doesn’t sound like something I would want to be a part of. Add in Captain ‘Cane which sounds like a superhero for the drug addict and I just can’t abide by Tulsa. Totally based on Mascot I have to go for the Warriors of Hawaii.
PG: Oh, come on - no love for the creepiest mind image mascot ever? But hey, I am a big fan of Hawai’i (in general), so Aloha Warriors.

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