The Last Totally Biased Bowl Picks of the Year!!!!

Here are our picks through the end of the year!!!

Champs Sports
West Virginia vs NC State
Orlando, Fla.
Florida Citrus Bowl
Dec. 28
6:30 p.m. ESPN
Mountaineers vs Wolfpack
AKT: This is a big important game. No, really. It’s a battle of which conference is actually the worst—the Big East or the ACC. Since I have been living back in Pittsburgh, I’ve found myself surrounded by WVU fans. And my cousin just started working for them. So Go Mountaineers!!!
TM: Just can’t do it…can’t pick the Mountaineers. But wait…NC State? Really, can I make that pick? Hmmm…I choose neither?
PG: Oh the Mighty Mountaineers, got hairs in their ears (yes, I’m aware that I bring that up every bowl season). Don’t really hate either of these schools - which is a much different sentiment from that of my youth. One of my best pals is an NC State grad (Vet School), so I’m going to go with the Wolfpack.

Missouri vs Iowa
Tempe, Ariz.
Sun Devil Stadium
Dec. 28
10 p.m.
Tigers vs Hawkeyes
TM: Missouri and Iowa are neighbors, but haven’t met since 1910 when Missouri won. Iowa started the season so strong and seemed that they would be a powerhouse. But they ended with 3 losses… On the other hand, Missouri ended the season with 3 wins and they have played in the dry heat of Arizona in 1998 and came away with a win. My pick is Missouri.
PG: Gonna stick with the B1G on this one. I’ve rooted for Mizzou in the past, but not this year. The underdog Hawkeyes defend our honor and show Miss Orry just how much she is missing.

Military Bowl Presented By Northrop Grumman
Maryland vs. East Carolina
Washington, D.C.
RFK Stadium
Dec. 29
2:30 p.m.
Terrapins vs Pirates
PG: I’m not a big fan of Maryland (Go Home Maryland. Go Home.) - it’s like they totally copied the name of our town. Had this been last season, I would have had a serious bias against “Easy U.” But since that bias has skipped town, I’ll go with the purple clad Pirates.
TM: Anyone else wonder why none of the military academies are represented in the Military Bowl? Just a question…. Once upon a time I actually didn’t dislike Maryland. Some quality Penn Staters have come from Maryland, so I coulnd’t disparage Maryland too much. But tdaoy, well, that’s changed. Pirates eat Turtles (at least, I could imagine that) so I go for ECarolina.

Illinois vs. Baylor
Reliant Stadium
Dec. 29
6 p.m.
Fighting Illini vs Bears
AKT: AKT: Honestly? Who out there thought Illinois would have the season that they did? Not me. I thought Zook would be hitting the pavement. I’m proud the Zookers! Go Illini!
TM: With such a creative mascot (really Illinois…the Illini?) who could choose anyone but Illinois? Anyone else notice that both teams have alliterative name/mascots?
PG: Oh the fighting zookers - I’m still incredibly disturbed that we were not able to score against you. I’m glad that they are in a bowl game - now they better win it.

Valero Alamo
Oklahoma State vs Arizona
San Antonio
Dec. 29
9:15 p.m.
Cowboys vs Wildcats
TM: Arizona ended the season with 4 losses and even though it’s been weeks since their last game/lost, it’s hard to come back from a downslide like that. On the other hand, I know that these cowboys aren’t from Dallas, but no matter, can’t ever pick a cowboy. Just can’t do it. Arizona wildcats
PG: Arizona and Ok State. Well, I like red and blue better than orange, and wildcats better than cowboys, but I still heart Mike Gundy and his sassy sun visor. This one is easy Pickens, Gundy and the other men on his team beat Arizona.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces
Army vs. SMU
Gerald J. Ford Stadium
Dec. 30
Black Knights vs Mustangs
PG: This is an easier one for me. I have an age old bias against SMU, which I plan to embrace for as long as Craig James holds dearly onto his. Plus, it’s my 3rd service academy, so I think I’ll go 3 for 3 and back the cadets. I mean really, are you seriously going to be biased against Army, in the Armed Forces bowl game, playing in Gerald Ford Stadium?
TM: I completely agree with PG. Armed Forces bowl game where Army is playing…no brainer that the pick is Army!

New Era Pinstripe
Kansas vs. Syracuse
Bronx, N.Y.
Yankee Stadium
Dec. 30
3:20 p.m.
Jayhawks vs Orangemen
AKT: My guess is the Yankees are looking for a way to pay off the new stadium. Syracuse lost a punter to a brain tumor, a safety and a running back. This does not bode well for the guys in Orange. Plus I’m still mad about the whole painting the Lion thing. Kansas for the win!
TM: I acknowledge both points made. Lion painters vs. Blue hoggers. As the tie breaker, I might remind everyone that our ‘rivalry’ with the Orangemen resumes in 2013? I’d like them to start the losing streak now, so Go Kansas!
PG: Good call on the orange paint grudge - who cares if (they say that) Sue Paterno started it all. But I have a bias against Kansas that’s pretty strong - they think they own the color blue (sure they’re being particular about their purply shade, but) - only one team owns the color blue - blue and white. Going with the orange on this one.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City
North Carolina vs. Tennessee
Nashville, Tenn.
LP Field
Dec. 30
6:40 p.m.
Tarheels vs Volunteers
TM: Let’s me double check here, but Tennessee is playing in the bowl game in Tennessee? Wow, I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover from all that travel! I haven’t liked Tennessee ever since the Manning years. Didn’t like Manning in college, don’t like him in the pros and my dislike for him drives my dislike for all things Tennessee. So, even though I don’t necessarily like the Tarheels either, I have to give them my pick (even if it is a pick of my nose…)
PG: Been feeling a little sorry for the Vols since Kiffengate (probably the most insane 3 hours I’ve ever spent on Twitter) and, as you’ve been told before, I have a stale, old, petty bias against the heels - but then, that’s really the spirit of biased bowl predictions. So, for tradition’s sake (sorry Flick), I’m for Tennessee.

Bridgepoint Education Holiday
Nebraska vs Washington
San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 30
10 p.m.
Cornhuskers vs Huskies
PG: So, the Cornhuskers are our new Big-T(w)e(lve)n created “protected” rivalry, so I guess we’re supposed to hate on them. But in all great sibling rivalries (or so I’ve been told), it’s fine if we humiliate them, but we don’t want anyone else beat them. Plus, I just can’t get to inspired by Washington. So Huskers it is.
TM: I agree with PSUgirl. Since Nebraska is going to be joining us next year I’d like them to come in with a win.

Meineke Car Care
South Florida vs. Clemson
Charlotte, N.C.
Bank of America Stadium
Dec. 31
Bulls vs Tigers
AKT: AKT: So I am sitting here for about five minutes, thinking about what to say about this bowl game. I don’t think there is anything remotely interesting about this came. But hey! Take care of your cars folks. Tigers easily take care of the Bulls.
TM: Fifteen fans PSUgirl?!?! I think you’re selling them short by at least 5 fans. There is no good reason to tune in unless you are currently recovering from 2 broken arms and can’t change the remote. To keep it interesting, I’ll take the Bulls for the win.
PG: Again, the ACC vs the Big East. Sadly, I think that Amanda is exactly right on this one. Here’s hoping that it is an entertaining game for those 15 fans who tune in. Tigers FTW.

Hyundai Sun
Notre Dame vs. Miami
El Paso, Texas
Sun Bowl
Dec. 31
2 p.m.
Fighting Irish vs Hurricanes
TM: I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. On one hand we have Notre Dame. Enough said. On the other Miami who I have a deep seeded hatred for going back to an ex-boyfriend who just loved them (back in the late 80s). Add in that they arrived to the 1987 Fiesta Bowl in fatigues (I will never forget or forgive) and now Al Golden leaving Temple for Miami and I will have to give the nod for…wait for it…. Notre Dame. I think I just heard Erin giggle with glee (Merry Christmas Erin)
PG: Oh my. The history of odiousness and distain for these two teams is strong, very strong. The dill whole vs. testaverde - Johnson vs Holtthzzz - As Maven mentioned, our Al Golden will be donning the orange and green (seriously???) next season, and I will probably find myself hoping for his success. So, I guess I’ll get in one last “root against” and pick the irish. They have a superior fight song - so that’s something.

AutoZone Liberty
Georgia vs. UCF
Memphis, Tenn.
Liberty Bowl
Dec. 31
3:30 p.m.
Bulldogs vs Knights
PG: I always think of princesses when I think of the Knights; Disney Princesses, that is. I really don’t have anything against Central Florida, except that they happen to be a Florida team. Sure there are occasions when I will side with a Sunshine State team, but this isn’t one of them. Glory to old Georgia.
TM: Several years ago a person I collaborated with at work (only ever ‘met’ on the phone…never in person) was a huge UGA fan. Every football weekend, she would call and we’d talk about our hopes for our teams that weekend. She was a lovely woman who passed away unexpectedly. In her honor, I always say (as I did to her) if it’s not against Penn State I’ll root for your Bulldogs. UGA for sentimental reasons.

South Carolina vs. FSU
Georgia Dome
Dec. 31
7:30 p.m.
Gamecocks vs Seminoles
AKT: I think this bowl has to be my favorite because I absolutely LOVE Chik-fil-A. But why do I get cravings for it on Sundays!?! Jimbo Fisher appeared to be the right choice down there at FSU. Plus they aren’t PC there. Awesome. Go ‘Noles!
TM: PSUgirl is right. My head has exploded and is currently splattered on the wall. Spurrier (aka the devil) vs FSU (aka the devil)? It’s like asking if I could pick between losing a finger or a toe…no outcome is OK. The only outcome that I could live with is one that can’t happen. As I try to reassemble my head, it pains me to pick…FSU (now give me a beer to erase this from my memory).
PG: Maven’s head is going to explode over this one. Spurrier vs the Seminoles. It used to be easy to pick a game like this - but my main bias against fsu has been removed. Arrggghhh - I can not remember ever saying this before - going with fsu. Zuggets.

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