And Scene; the Bradley Mutiny ends with a...

...with a... nothing?

Tom Bradley did not get hired at Temple, or Pitt, or UConn - other coaches, from other programs got the job(s).

Assistant coaches Vanderlinden, Johnson, McQueary, Paterno, etc. also are all still intact.

Rob Bolden is, reportedly, attending his spring classes and planning to compete for the starting qb position once spring practice begins.

Even Kevin Newsome is still in Happy Valley.

So what happened?

Coach Paterno had said publicly that he thought "Tommy" would be a good choice for Pitt - heck even Dan Rooney called the panthers with an endorsement.  While there was nothing more than speculation that some (if not all) of Paterno's current staff would follow Bradley to wherever (pitt) - it seemed, at least for one night or so, that the Penn State coaching staff was going to be undergoing some serious personnel changes.

But it didn't happen.

Some different theories/reasons have been posted across the internets - some serious, some not so much.

My own theories shift between Bradley (actually) not being able to build a staff and that this was all just a ruse, for various reasons.  Each is rather cynical - but hey, what's new about that?

Regarding Bolden and Newsome, each (especially Bolden) had made it very clear to the media that they were intent on transferring to different schools/programs.  Bolden's situation, with having completed just one semester of school (and football), was more precarious than Newsome's - I think most fans expected Newsome to transfer, and are actually more surprised that he hasn't.

Coach Paterno had stated that he "needed to talk with" Newsome before any final decisions were made - I guess he convinced him to stay.

The Bolden saga (debacle) was played out more in the media - with it being reported that Paterno denied Bolden (and his father)'s request for a release from his Letter of Intent.  Logic suggests that Coach Paterno said, finish your freshman year, compete in spring practice and we'll talk about it then.  It is a little rash to demand a release after 15 weeks of school - but the media seemed to like the idea that Paterno was detaining the kid against his will.

Makes it a little more difficult for us to refute the "Penn State is a cult" argument - but the leaders wouldn't trust us with the task if we weren't up to it - that is, which is a bunch of bologna.

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Unknown said...

I believe that Pitt made a BIG mistake in not hiring Bradley. UConn went for a safe hire.