Congratulations Coach Paterno! (now with a little added speculation)

Today Joe Paterno will receive the NCAA President's Gerald R. Ford Award.  Originated in 2004, the award is given, annually, to a recipient who "has provided significant leadership as an advocate for intercollegiate athletics on a continuous basis over the course of their career."

I'd say that Coach Paterno falls into that category.

All of these honors and "namings" has me thinking...

What do they all know that we don't.

Will Joe retire in August, as some pundits have predicted?

Has Bradley and "the crew" stayed at Penn State because (you know Joe did meet with Spanier and Curley recently) that "Tommy" is going to get the job at Penn State?

I noticed on Monday that the AFCA National Championship Trophy is still called the "Coaches' Trophy" (has been since 2006) - of course, we all know who was the first coach to win it...

And, Commissioner Delaney has been kinda quiet about the whole "renaming" of the B1G divisions - after he had promised that they would readdress the matter "after the 1st of the year."

Nittany Lion Club donations are due at the end of the month - and the STEP program (don't call it a re-seating!!!) is (as we type) going into effect - just a reminder.

Btw, previous winners of the Ford Award are:  Myles Brand (NCAA President); Billie Jean King (Women's Athletics/Tennis); James Frank (NCAA membership president); Christine Grant (Pioneer for Women's Athletics/Iowa); Birch Bayh (US Senator/Indiana); John Wooden (Basketball/UCLA); William Friday (Educator/North Carolina); and, Rev. Theodore M Hesburgh (original recipient - Educator/Notre Dame).

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Unknown said...

There was an announcement about the division names-they are not changing them before the upcoming season. As for JoePa's future I believe that next season will be his last-and that his successor will be an outsider.