Penn Staters in the SuperBowl!!!

Two former Penn Staters will be playing in SuperBowl XLV in two weeks.  Andrew "Gods Gift" Quarless of the Green Bay Packers and Jeremy Kapinos of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Quarless was drafted in the 5th round of the draft by Green Bay this year.  He had a somewhat productive season, 21 receptions for 238 yards.  In the NFC Championship today though, he was 0/3.  Quarless was usually good for a couple receptions every game this season.  But just like at Penn State, he was good for a few wiffs too.

The more important game of the night was the AFC Championship game.  Jeremy Kapinos was signed by the Steelers in week 9 after hottie Daniel Sepulveda tore his ACL.  Kapinos was rather dull so far in the season, which I suppose is at best what you hope for in a punter.  His worst game came against Jets, ironically enough.  Tonight though Kapinos only punted once.  Well technically it was twice, but the first punt he was hit by one of the Jets special teams.  The lone punt was 38 yards later in that drive.

In some fun tidbits, Penn Staters have been in 40 of 45 Super Bowls

Here We Go Steelers!! :o)


PSUgirl said...

I heart Jeremy Kapinos.

I wish Drew well, just not against the Steelers.


Unknown said...

How can a punter be a hottie?