Football Fan Fare Friday; It's the Super Bowl, baby.

So I'm starting my "friday" a little early (listen, it's Friday in Copenhagen, so let's just roll with it) - but it's the Super Bowl (weekend) - so who cares...?   Okay, my boss cares... but other than that whoo whoo whoo!

Pennsylvania once again has a team vying for the Super Bowl title, and once again, a Penn Stater is guaranteed a Championship ring.  As posted by Amanda, Andrew Quarless will be suiting up for the NFC Champion Green Bay Packers and Jeremy Kapinos will be punting for the Steelers.

Kapinos was asked this week what he thought about playing in front of, possibly, over 100,000 people; Kapinos replied (basically) that you get used to that playing at Penn State.

So in honor of our Penn Staters in the Super Bowl, we'll be posting a few of our favorite tailgating/football party recipes throughout the day.

Let's start with a beverage...

Yuengling Black and Tan - not the one in the bottle - the one where you layer the Lager and the Porter -

here's how...

1 lager
1 porter
spoon (round bowl - soup spoon)
Pint Glass

pour the Lager into the pint glass - until half full;
pour porter, over spoon,  to fill glass.


Santa, please bring me a Porter, a spoon and a pint glass  for Christmas...

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