"You Can Not Be Serious!" - Ilovepsutoo joins 2theLion team!

In true superstar fashion, and in honor of John McEnroe's birthday, join us in welcoming our newest contributor, Ilovepsutoo.  We finally convinced her to join the 2theLion team!

Now we just have to come up with a clever nickname for her.


- Lovie? No. That would make me think of da bears; or,
- ILP2? No. I can go the restroom all by myself, thank you; or,
- Olive? Maybe. Olive PSU and the nightlife and olives; or,
- Utoo? Wait, that sounds familiar.

I'm sure we'll think of something!


ilovepsutoo said...

What about hotmama? Too racy? PS ILoveYou?

PSUgirl said...

hotmama sounds perfect ;)

PSUgirl said...

Oh - and I heart you too (tee hee).