And there you have it; Paul Posluszny is a Jaguar.

Posluszny signed a 6 year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Story on ESPN.


Now that the Lockout is over; Posluszny to be a(n) ...?

While he repeated that his hope is to stay in Buffalo, Si.com reports that Paul Posluszny, Bills linebaker and former Penn State BMOC, will "listen" to offers from other teams once the NFL free agency period begins.

Posluszny, who was drafted in the 2nd round (steal!) by the Bills, signed a 4 year contract that ended last season.


Nittany Lion Meets His Match



My New Year Resolution

So you might think that I've lost the few marbles I had remaining or that it really has been a year since we posted something substantiative - but in reality, it's 2 days before my birthday. So in honor of my new year, I'm resolving to resurrect our dear sweet blog and catch up on all the Penn State and tailgating news.

We'll be back!!!!!

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