Oh Bother; Rain in the Forecast.

Revised weather report - Rain (not just possible showers), including thunderstorms.

Radar shows a massive (yet another hurricane has been) storm trekking north - depending on the path it takes we could get some rain - or buckets.

Be prepared:  rain gear, canopies, boots, waterproof mascara, etc.

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Robert Muller said...

At least it isn't baseball. Mud is part of the game, and often makes it better for all involved, in my opinion.
While I live in CA these days, I'll be making my annual pilgrimage to Florida with Gator Bowl tickets in hand for me and the grand kids. Rain or no, we'll have a good time!
I buy my tickets online from Amazon Tickets. On the way home, I usually like to get some Sun Bowl tickets or Insight bowl tickets for a nice break from the road trip. Rain, what ever!