Because I'm Sad.

Another re-post.

And let me be very clear - if they ever try to take down that wall (next to the entrance to the All Sports Museum) you will likely see me on the news...


Perhaps it's a little morbid -

but it's really special too - and somewhat the genesis of all we now do. The phrase "To the Lion" is what my dad (and his cronies) used to say after every PSU score - they'd raise their respective glass(es) and toast the team. It was the most consistent and personal PSUism that I could remember my father uttering. When Pop passed away, suddenly, in 1999, my mother and I found ourselves confronted with many decisions and choices to make in a very short time. One such choice was if we wanted any special message on his grave marker (I warned you this was morbid) - my mom looked at me and asked "Fight on State?" - I half smiled and said "To the Lion."

Since then, "To the Lion" has been my Penn State motto, moniker, etc. When PSU was selling "bricks" for the new addition to the stadium, I bought one for Dad, complete with the slogan, "To the Lion" (see photo). We have, subsequently, named our tailgate, website and blogs accordingly. Slowly, but surely, we are branding ourselves with accessories (both tailgating and apparel) sporting the slogan. 


Unknown said...

What's to be sad about that? It's a fond memory of something your father loved.
I've not been a big Penn State fan over the years, but I have started following them this season for obvious reasons. I've even gone as far as getting Outback Bowl tickets. I want to see the Lions finish the year on a high note!

Btd121 said...

Very touching story. I'm glad you have that memory of your father and that you keep it alive.