It's a Theory

so, without much sleep -

It's impossible to know what will happen before Saturday - but here's my theory on why McQueary, Curley and Schultz still have jobs/awaiting retirement:

As I see it - there are 2 possibilities:

1.  The BOT knew more than they said they did (when asked, said they had the same information as the public) and they know that more info is going to come out about Paterno's past knowledge and participation in the culture of non-reporting and it will be found that McQueary was forced to not report and testify the way he did and that Curley and Schultz were mere pawns in the situation.

2. Curley and Schultz have clauses in their contracts covering certain situations and their legal defense and PSU needs McQueary to relay the plays on Saturday.

Cynically, I think option 2 is more likely.


Marian said...

I think it's #2..
**sad sigh**

WFY said...

I expect an announcement that "McQ won't be with us" to come during the Bradley presser.

WFY said...

So much for that theory.