The Picks, Part II; 2011 - 2012 Totally Biased Bowl Predictions

Our gift to you, this holiday season... 

The 2nd installment of our picks for 2011 - 2012. 

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Houston, TX
December 31st - Noon
Aggies v Wildcats

PG: Hmm. Meineke Car Care. These picks are supposed to be biased, that’s the basis and origin for this annual posting. This year I feel that the organizers of this bowl exercised some bias themselves - but let’s move on. Texas A&M v. Northwestern - usually this would be a slam dunk choice for Fitz & the boys in purple - but not this year; nothing is normal this year - sorry Bethlehem, I’ll be pulling for the Aggies. TEXAS A&M
AKT: I like Fitz.  The only B1G coach I like outside ours (Bradley and Paterno)  Nice guy.  That school is going places.  Wildcats. NORTHWESTERN
ILPT: My 5 year old loves Wildcats and cats=cuter and faster than Aggies. I know it’s a long shot… NORTHWESTERN
TM: Hey, did you know that Dan Persa went to high school at Liberty?  No?  Well then you must not have been sitting next to my mom this season.  I only heard about it like, 10,000 times.  And while I love my mom, I’ve heard his name 1 (or 10,000) too many times already this season.  Out of spite I choose TEXAS A&M

Sun Bowl
El Paso, TX
December, 31st - 2pm
Yellow Jackets v Utes

TM:  Don’t ask me why, but I have a long standing disdain for the Utah Utes.  Maybe it’s the plural (aka bigamist) marriages in Utah (although they are no BYU).  And weirdly, I have a soft spot for Georgia Tech, so again, it’s a no brainer that I’ll pick the Yellow Jackets. GEORGIA TECH
AKT: We had a yellow jacket nest in our garage this summer.  I wasn’t going in there.  Yellow Jackets stings the Utes in this one. GEORGIA TECH
ILPT: Neither one is cute but Yellow Jackets=faster than Utes, whatever that is. GATECH
PG: Strange things have happened this fall; strange isn’t the right word, but one of the odder things is that I find myself rooting for the yellow jackets - Go GEORGIA TECH.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl
San Francisco, CA
December 31st - 3:30pm
Bruins v Fighting Illini

AKT: Oh, the Ilini (audible sigh here).  Oh, the Bruins (sigh again).  Both teams had their coaches fired.  What in the world could either team have to gain here?  They both should’ve stayed home.  But wait!  They are fighting hunger!  Maybe one team’s hunger to win is higher!!  Go Illini!!! ILLINOIS
ILPT: Yes, I’ll take some Kraft Macaroni Bowl, please. Illini=faster & more awe inspiring than a bear. ILLINOIS
PG: this really is a sad group of teams. I agree with AKT - ILLINOIS it is.
TM: There’s a song about California GURLS.  Hmmm, I wonder if the Bruins wear Daisy Dukes with Bikinis on top?  Probably not, so I’ll go for ILLINOIS

Liberty Bowl
Memphis, TN
December 31st - 3:30pm
Bearcats v Commodores

ILPT:  Bearcats. Lethal combination of cute and fast bear + cat. I like Motown music, but the Commodores are all in their 60s and 70s now, so I feel like a bearcat would be lethal to an elderly singer. Even a singer that sang “Brick Houuuuuseeee”.  Yeah.  (Sorry, Lionel Ritchie). Even without Cincy QB Zach Collaros who broke his ankle earlier this year, their D is solid, only allowing 20 pts per game, so I’m picking Cincy for that reason. And mainly because my Dad got his doctorate from Cincy when I was a teen, and technically, Cincy is responsible for his promotion and job at Penn State-DuBois, paying for my 80s prom dresses, my collection of hair scrunchies, and my Penn State tuition. Thank you. CINCINNATI
PG: Excellent story - you did so much before settling in the mountains of western central PA. Vanderbilt was one of the schools my mother held in high esteem (up there with wisconsin) - Cincinnati makes me think of 1983 and Nick Lachey - But, apparently, but for the bearcats we might never have known ILPT, I gotta go with CINCINNATI
TM: So I have a question.  Are the Vandy football teams once, twice, three times a lady?  But seriously folks, I need some reason to pick one team over the others, and clearly football stats aren’t important, so why not rely on the giggle factor?  I won’t be able to stop seeing the players as ladies from now on, so for that reason I’ll go for the hopefully more manly Bearcats of CINCINNATI
AKT: I hate Cincinnati.  Hate the MLB team, hate their NFL team.  Really the whole state should be given back to Canada.  Vandy outsmarts Cincinnati this time. VANDERBILT

Chick-fil-A Bowl
Atlanta, GA
December 31st - 7:30pm
Cavaliers v TIgers

PG: Uggh. 2 blue and orange teams. The defending national champions v Thomas Jefferson U. Neither team inspires much interest or ire from me, but I adore Charlottesville - so I guess I’ll go with that.  UVA
TM: Whew, good thing the game is on Saturday otherwise they wouldn’t be able to play (we all know Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays).  As I get caught up in the Hokie v Cavalier battle every year since the company I work for has an office in C’ville this is especially tough.  There are equal number of friends on each side of that battle, so in the interest of keeping friends I’ll pick UVA
AKT: Chick-fil-A is fantastic.  But why do I always crave them on Sundays?  Grrrr.  Cavs for the win. UVA
ILPT: Mmmm. Chicken Nuggets.  Tigers=cuter & faster than Cavaliers. AUBURN

TicketCity Bowl
Dallas, TX
January 2nd - Noon
Nittany Lions v Cougars

TM:  Um, are you really asking me to make a pick for this?  Hmm, let me think…thinking…thinking…thinking.  Oh yeah!  Those are my Nittany Lions, so I’m going to have to pick the Lions to win this Ticket!!! PENN STATE
AKT: Did you know a cougar and a mountain lion are the same things?  I think this game will go between which is better, defense or offense.  Or which McGloin shows up.  Please let it be the Scranton Scrapper we all know and love.  Since I don’t want to fly to Dallas for a loss – home team all the way!  PENN STATE
ILPT:  Yeah, I know that Houston is one of the best teams in the country. I know it’s a home game for them. I know they’re expected to win thanks to QB Keenum. But I’m picking Penn State. After all they’ve been through this year, this is their last chance to take a stand and gain redemption. They’ve got heart. And we love them. This one’s for Joe. PENN STATE
PG: I think that this game is going to be very emotional - for both teams. They each have something to prove - to the world and to themselves. I truly believe that PSU has the strength and talent to win this game - it’s going to be the incidentals that really make an impact. PSU is going to have to score points and make few errors - which means their (collective) heads must be in the game. An early start and all the outside distraction will likely weigh heavily. But the 2011 team has shown a lot of heart, determination and character this fall - and I know that the key players on the team are determined to win. Either way, they are already champions in my book - PENN STATE

Capital One Bowl
Orlando, FL
January 2nd - 1pm
Gamecocks v Cornhuskers

AKT: In no scenerio will I ever vote against the Cornhuskers again.  Their fans, their team, showed themselves to be full of class.  Yes, they disappointed me because I had them going to the B1G Championship this year.  But that will not sway me from picking them.  Go Big Red!!! NEBRASKA
ILPT I’m picking the Cornhuskers (not because they’re cuter or faster) because they’re that good (I mean, they beat us.)  NEBRASKA
PG: One of the most painful days of my life - and I have to say, Nebraska ended up being the perfect opponent. I do think it is ridiculous that they are in the Cap 1 Bowl over MSU - but regardless, it’s an easy choice. NEBRASKA
TM: Nebraska fans showed they were classy beyond belief.  I will always remember how wonderful they were on what was a very tough day.  As the others have said, easy choice.  NEBRASKA

Gator Bowl
Jacksonville, FL
January 2nd - 1pm
Buckeyes v Gators

ILPT:  TaxSlayer? Like, OMG, Buffy
This may be the bowl to watch. You can’t go wrong with what will forever be known as “Meyerbowl”… even though he won’t be there.
Seriously, I’m picking OSU, and not because I like them (I don’t like red teams) and not because they’re cuter than the Gators (the Buckeye is possibly the ugliest college mascot in history). They’re steadily improving and have a lot of heart. After what THEY’VE been through, I don’t think they can be broken right now. I’m actually excited to see what Braxton Miller does for OSU in this game. 
PG: It should/could be an entertaining game - but I gotta go with the Gators on this one. FLORIDA
TM: Even with all the issues we’ve had this year, I still can’t forgive tOSU for being a bunch of BuckNuts.  FLORIDA
AKT: Urban Bowl!! Normally I’d go for the Buckeyes here.  LOL Jk never would happen.  They cannot beat the SEC. FLORIDA

Outback Bowl
Tampa, FL
January 2nd - 1pm
Spartans v Bulldogs

PG: MSU probably has a bigger beef than anyone in the B1G regarding their bowl placement - just 3 points away from Pasadena - they were bypassed by the BCS and then relegated to the Outback - oh well. I was rooting for UGA in the SEC game - and for the first half it looked like we had an upset on our hands. But not for this one, I’ve got to go with our fellow down-trodden snubees, the SPARTANS.
ILPT: MSU Sparty = cuter & faster than a bulldog. And they’re good. MSU
AKT: Spartans have fantastic abs.  And if there is anything I can appreciate it’s a fine piece of washboard abs.  Yummy.  MICHIGAN STATE!!!
TM: Someone I worked with was a HUGE UGA fan and every Friday during football season she’d call me and we’d talk football.  A few years ago she passed away and in her honor I pick GEORGIA

Rose Bowl
Pasadena, CA
January 2nd - 5pm
Ducks v Badgers

TM:  Pasadena, oh how I miss you….  This takes me back to the 1995 Rose Bowl where Penn State beat the Ducks, but not by enough to capture the National Championship.  Since that fateful day I have held a deep seated hatred for the Ducks.  Besides, (honey) badger don’t care!  The Badgers will win this one and bring the win to the Big 10. WISCONSIN
AKT: I hate Bilema.  But I hate a school that cannot pick a uniform and stick with it.  Plus my high school football touchdown song was On Wisconsin.  Go Badgers! WISCONSIN
ILPT:  Quack. Givin’ the Ducks some props since my family’s from Eugene, OR. Duck=cuter than Badger (he so nasty). OREGON
PG: I don’t blame the ducks for 1994; the aforementioned Huskers had already been anointed champions before the 95 Rose Bowl coin flip (I blame: Tom Osbourne; Todd Blacklege; and, Warren Sapp). But those uniforms are a curse on all humankind. Wisconsin is a school/team that I have always wanted to like/root for - but their fans and coach continually insist on jacknuttery. It is my (misguided) loyalty to the B1G that makes my pick WISCONSIN.

Fiesta Bowl
Gendale, AZ
January 2nd - 8:30pm
Cowboys v Cardinal

AKT: Okie State is pissed!  And rightfully so.  They should be in it for all the marbles but the love affair of the SEC continues.  I think Stanford has the better defense overall but never ever bet against a team that’s been screwed.  Okie dokie it’s the Cowboys. OKLAHOMA STATE
PG: Yes - they have every right to be po’d - I’m not saying that they’re a better team than ua - but I feel their pain. Stanford thought that they were going to be Luckier this season - but they showed some serious chinks in their armor. Many people know, I’m a fan of Mike Gundy - cause, among other things, he’s a man. This should be an entertaining game. OKLAHOMA STATE
TM: To balance out my other devil laden picks I’m going to buck the trend and go for the Cardinal. STANFORD

Sugar Bowl
New Orleans, LA
January 3rd - 8:30pm
Wolverines v Hokies

ILPT:  In the 76 year history of the Sugar Bowl, Sugar doesn’t taste so sweet, and I don’t want any part of it. Michigan? Really? Picked ABOVE MSU even when MSU beat them outright?!? UM doesn’t deserve this. No matter—they’ll lose. I will pick Tech even though they lost the ACC champ game to Clemson (embarrassing). UM hasn’t been to a bowl in 5 years so they’re more than rusty.  
Hokie Bird is cute, too. Exudes cuteness. VIRGINIA TECH
PG: Worst. At Large. Picks. Ever. I mean no offense to the teams themselves (okay, a little) but it’s the system and the $$ that created this. So, who to root for. Like ILPT - I’m going with VA TECH
TM: See my earlier pick (UVA) to understand why I have to pick VA TECH
AKT: haha vote for scUM.  Not likely.  VA Tech!!

Orange Bowl
Miami, FL
January 4th - 8pm
Tigers v Mountaineers

PG: ACC vs the Big East.  Over the years I have disliked each of these teams - one more than the other. Back before the time of recorded history (ie, when I was a young teenager) I sold sodas at the stadium. It was backbreaking, but it was a lot of $$ for 4 hours of work. Of all the visiting fans that I had to deal with, the unequivocally worst were from West Virginia - not as a group - but individually. So, in the spirit of digging up old spite - I’ll pick CLEMSON.
TM: Muck the Fountaineers (oh yes I did).  CLEMSON
AKT: My bestest came back from a job interview with some Clemson tshirts.  So I’ll go with them since I can wear something to show my support. CLEMSON
ILPT: Tiger = cuter & faster than Mountaineer. And fast wide receivers. CLEMSON

Cotton Bowl
Arlington, TX
January 6th - 8pm
Razorbacks v Wildcats

TM:  I always wonder if sponsoring the Cotton Bowl really gives a boost to the cotton industry, but what evs….   I think this is going to be a good match up.  Both teams have had a great season, but I think Kansas State will be victorious. KANSAS STATE
AKT: How did jNW get into two bowls this year?!  Oh wait that’s K-State.  Taking ARKANSAS.
ILPT: Razorbacks=faster and grumpier than Wildcats. ARKANSAS
PG: Both teams have had pretty good, basically off the radar seasons - it will be interesting to see how they match up. Arkansas will always be the birthplace of things I have found to be odious - ie Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones. K State has produced a few memorable upsets over the years - they get me pick. KANSAS STATE

BBVA Compass Bowl
Birmingham, AL
January 7th - 1pm
Mustangs v Panthers

AKT: I hate Pitt.  SMU SMU SMU!!!!  
ILPT: Pitt needs a freakin’ compass to find their offense. BURN! SMU!
PG: I hate both!!!! oh man - this one is IMPOSSIBLE! SMU- remember the 5.
TM: Sh%t on P%tt!  SMU!

GoDaddy.com Bowl
Mobile, AL
January 8th - 9pm
Huskies v Red Wolves

ILPT:  Go. Daddy. I mean, I remember when there were like 8 bowls. 8. When it meant something. Now we have a bowl for GoDaddy, which means we’ll be subjected to their tacky sexist girly commercials for HOURS. The bowl that wins for worst logo (a ginger with a new wave hairdo) has a pretty solid matchup, with MAC champs vs SunBelt champs and two solid QBs. Going with Northern Illinois. Huskies are cuter than red wolves. And the ginger on the logo. NORTHERN ILL
PG: ARK State - could never remember their mascot (when on sporcle or when trying to get to sleep) - must be a sign that I need to pick the Huskies.  NORTHERN ILL - oh, and regarding GoDaddy? our site is powered by 1&1 Internet.
TM: Doh!  Since I have complete ambivalence aobut this one I looked to the notable almni for this pick.  Did you know Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer) went to Northern Illinois?  Since my dad is Homer, I go with the Huskies.  NORTHERN ILLINOIS
AKT: I like Homer Simpson.  And I love dogs.  Huskies win. NORTHERN ILLINOIS

BCS Title Game
Sugar Bowl - New Orleans, LA
January 9th - 8:30pm
Tigers v Crimson Tide

PG: I, personally, was really hoping to see Oklahoma State in this game - yes we could argue about the “quality of losses” but it doesn’t change the fact that these two teams have already played this year. That aside, I don’t see this game being much different than the contest in early November - Although I have a sneaking suspicion that Les Miles will come out with a few tricks. As far as my bias goes, we did play Bama this year, and their win over PSU is actually helping them in the computer ranking, so it’s kinda our fault (for everything that goes wrong in the universe) that Bama’s getting a 2nd shot at the Tigers. I don’t have much against LSU, but I think I’m going to be swayed by the idea that we lost to the eventual MNC. ALABAMA.
TM: I can’t believe we are really seeing a replay for the title.  Just stinks.  So the question is to go for the team that won last time (LSU) or the team that has played PSU (‘Bama).  There’s no good choice here.  So I left it to the all knowing game of rock, paper, scissors and it chose….ALABAMA
AKT: I really really liked the Bama fans.  They were really nice.  However LSU wins this again!! LSU
ILPT:  I.Don’t. Like.Red. Teams. And PSU played and lost to quite a few over the years. This is no exception.  Now in this case, Sugar is sweet for LSU all the way. Geaux Tigers! Undefeated and matching up against ‘Bama again, they can take it all. Tigers=way cuter than Crimson Tide (a type of red algae in the ocean-yuck!)  LSU.

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