Things Just Got Interesting; Running Tally for 2011 - 12 Biased Bowl Predictions.

We're 4 games into the bowl season, and AmandaKT has taken an early lead.  The tally so far:

AKT: 4/4
ILPT: 2/4
PG: 3/4
TM: 2/4

It's still early, of course, but given the fact that many of our picks (biases) are similar, any lead is noteworthy.

So, you may be asking why am I reading this are the 2tL gals playing for anything? for entertainment purposes only?

Well, glad you asked. This year we are (for the first time) actually awarding participation prizes!

The participant who is the most entertained will win: A logo Snuggie!!!!!!

Picture this with chipmunks

The next most entertained will win: A deluxe Pass the Pigs game!

Early Pass the Pigs Prototype

The 3rd & 4th most entertained will win: A Ticket City Bowl t-shirt!!!!! - well, they'll each win one; it's not like they'll have to share.

So stay tuned - we'll be posting more results and the 2nd half of our picks soon!

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