We've Made Up Our Minds; 2011 - 2012 Totally Biased Bowl Predictions

Here we go again...

It's that time of year, dreaming of trips to Dallas, warm weather, head coach searches and preliminary hearings - IT MUST BE COLLEGE BOWL TIME!!!!

Continuing our grand tradition of pirating (HEY PIRATES ARE COOL AGAIN) ideas from those more clever, even when the originators have long since abandoned the practice, I proudly present our 2011 - 2012 Totally Biased Bowl Predictions. This is our 7th Edition of "The Bowled and the Beautiful" - We've come a long way baby!

I am so excited and proud that for this year's selections we have 4 participants!!!  I actually used a random number generator to choose the order of our posts:  AmandaKT (AKT); ilovepsutoo (ILPT); Moi (PG); and, TailgateMaven (TM).

Below are our picks for the games through December 30th - We'll post the rest of the picks sometime...

New Mexico Bowl
Albuquerque, NM
December 17th - 2pm
Cowboys v Owls

AKT: Cowboys vs – Owls?!?!  Clearly Cowboys are statistically more damaging than owls.  What can an owl do to you?  Hoot you to death??  However, I fear our fearless blog leader if I choose against the Owls – so Owls to win! TEMPLE
ILPT: Hoot, hoot. Owls= cuter & faster than Cowboys. TEMPLE
PG: Yes, I am a Temple fan - I admit it - I do Fight, Fight, Fight for the Cherry and the White - when they aren’t playing the Blue and White - that is. TEMPLE
TM: This year I learned what it is like to head to a football game just over an hour before kick off and still be able to tailgate and make it to the seats in time to enjoy the kick off.  So while they may no longer be the (Al) Golden boys, they are my pick.  TEMPLE

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
Boise, Idaho
December 17th - 5:30pm
Bobcats v Aggies

ILPT:  A potato bowl sounds really good right now, like with broccoli, bacon and some cheese… wait. Really? Idaho Potato Bowl? Who comes up with these names? Even though OU blew a strong lead in the MAC Championship to lose to Northern Illinois, I have to go with the OU Bobcats to win the 15th Potato Bowl, but barely squeaking by. Why? Aggies don't pass the ball. They're 108th in the nation in passing. Bobcats=cute and faster than Aggies. And mainly because my Dad worked for OU for 10 years when I was a kid, and technically, OU is responsible for paying for my braces, my favorite 1980s rainbow and unicorn teeshirt, and all my Star Wars toys. Thank you.  OHIO
PG:  Awwww. That’s an excellent awesome reason to root for the bobcats - OHIO
TM: While ILPT makes a compelling argument (really, how can you go against The Force), I have a soft spot for Aggies.  Penn State started as an agricultural school and so I’ll buck the trend and go for UTAH STATE Aggies. 
AKT: Potato bowl makes me think of how KFC is trying to kill Americans with their heart attack inducing potato bowl (really!?!  Had to add bacon to that, Colonel?).  And since potatoes come from farmers – I have to go with the Bobcats.  Besides ever since the Bobcat beat up Brutus the Buckeye, I’ve been a fan. OHIO 

New Orleans Bowl
New Orleans, LA
December 17th - 9pm
Ragin’ Cajuns v Aztecs

PG: I can credit Louisiana Lafayette and Sporcle with cementing my ability to spell both Lafayette and cajun. Both teams are 8-4 and which is an applaudable feat for the Aztecs and their new coach. While you might think that a Cajun of the Ragin’ variety might be an angry Acadian, but you’d be wrong; it’s not a person, it’s a pepper - a red, orange haired, pepper that can only be described as the love child of Kool-Aid Man and Vanilla Ice. So there you have it - I’m rooting for the Aztecs. SAN DIEGO STATE
TM: Let’s put some perspective here.  Aztecs did give us chocolate (and were renowned for human sacrifice) so there’s no way I would go against the gods.  My ‘old school’ pick is SAN DIEGO STATE
AKT: Aztecs may have given us chocolate, but they are now extinct.  Cajuns are still around in Louisiana, and apparently they are ragin’.  And since Cajun is my favorite spice – go Ragin; Cajuns. LOUISIANA LAFAYETTE
ILPT: San Diego State. Aztec=possibly cuter and possibly faster than Cajuns SAN DIEGO STATE

Beef O’Brady’s Bowl
St Petersburg, FA
December 20th - 8pm
Golden Panthers v Thundering Herd

TM: While I almost always go for a team with a big cat as a mascot, there’s just something about - WE ARE…MARSHALL.  My pick is MARSHALL
AKTNormally I am not a fan of copycats, however I love Matthew Mcconaughey.  Let’s go Thundering Herd of whatever you are! MARSHALL
ILPT: Oh, no. Panthers = always cuter & faster than Thundering Herd. Herd of what? FL INT
PGMarshall is an interesting choice. It’s impossible to not think of the tragedy that their program has endured - but then, Randy Moss was only there for 2 years. The “herd” are buffalo - so you’d expect it to be pretty loud. I’m tempted to pick the Panthers - but I’m not in the mood to pick a Florida team - so MARSHALL it is. 

Poinsettia Bowl
San Diego, CA
December 21st - 8pm
Horned Frogs v Bulldogs

AKT: So image googled searched what a horned frog looked like – honestly they look more bored than scary to me.  Which could be a trap, luring you in by their air of complete disdain before they attack.  Ohh, that’s good.  I’m not betting against their sneaky ways – TCU Horned Frogs for the win. 
ILPT:  I’m picking TCU. Not because Horned Frogs are cute (not) and faster than Bulldogs (not) but because Horned Frogs spit blood. AWESOME. TCU.
PG: Meh, blech, blah - siss boom bah - Purple is a pretty cool color for a football team - so I too will pick the Frogs - which really aren’t frogs at all - TCU
TMMy fellow bloggers, I ask you…can not a bulldog trap a horned frog in his jowls?  Can not the bulldog just eat the horned frog whole?  What are you thinking???  The very informed choice is of course – LA TECH

Maaco Bowl
Las Vegas, NV
December 22nd - 8pm
Broncos v Sun Devils

ILPT:  For the 20th Maaco Bowl, Boise State returns against ASU. Broncos have to be faster than the cute little harmless looking Sun Devil. ASU’s lost four in a row, and up against Boise State and their strong class of seniors, I just don’t see them breaking the streak for this one. I’m picking Boise State by a landslide. BOISE STATE
PG: Oh yeah, I agree, the Broncos are definitely the better team - With all the coaching upheaval these past few weeks, it will probably be difficult for either team to concentrate - but I’m picking BOISE STATE too.
TMI struggle a bit on this pick.  Will the green turf confuse the Broncos?  On the other hand I don’t know that I can ‘pick’ a devil (help me Father Kirk!).  So, in the end I decided to be contrary and go for ARIZONA STATE.
AKT: laugh because now ASU has to deal with high octane football (ala Todd Graham).  Seriously any school that would hire mediocrity clearly cannot be depended upon to win a football game.  BOISE STATE!!

Hawaii Bowl
Honolulu, HI
December 24th - 8pm
Golden Eagles v Wolf Pack

PG: Aloha. Southern Miss comes into this game 11-2 and ranked #22 in the country. I have a bias against Monsewer Favre - but I won’t hold it against the Eagles this time, this time. SOUTHERN MISS 
TM: According to ILPT I hate America, but I just can’t abide by anything tainted by Favre. Plus, with all the Twilight hype (and I am on Team Jacob) it’s Wolf Pack for me.  NEVADA
AKT: I want to pick Nevada, I really do.  Especially since Southern Miss is ripping off Iowa.  But my gut is saying Eagles. 
ILPT: Golden Eagles are faster and cuter than wolves. And Eagles. American. Patriotic. Pick a wolf and you hate America. SOUTHERN MISS

Independence Bowl
Shreveport, LA
December 26th - 5pm
Tigers v Tar Heels

TM: Both teams have only 1 road win, so neither can get it done without the support of their fans.  But Mizzou ended the season on a 3 game winning streak so should be hitting their stride going into the bowl game.  TM pick – the MIZZOU Tigers
AKTI am against anything that supports smoking and clearly the tar heels are proud of their tobacco heritage.  Go Tigers!!
ILPT: Mizzou. Tiger= cuter and faster than a Tar Heel. Tar is sticky and makes you stand in place. Like, seriously not good if you are a football player. MISSOURI
PG: EASY PEASY - you all knew my pick before it was even typed - MISSOURI

Little Caesars Bowl
Detroit, MI
December 27th - 4:30pm
Broncos v Boilermakers

AKT: Do Detroit bowl games have to include a directional Michigan of some sort?  Not going lie, I was hoping we would get to Detroit, only b/c of proximity to my location.  I like Dallas better.  Anyways – I know the Broncos are statistically better in every way to Purdon’t except in rushing yards – but don’t vote against our B1G brethren (though they like to against us – yes still holding a grudge since 1992).  Purdue it is. PURDUE
ILPT: I’m picking Purdue and keeping it in the B1G 10 because the boilermaker drink = cuter and faster than a Bronco. PURDUE
PG: Oh purdiddle - I don’t want to pick you, but I must. PURDUE
TMAnd there is consensus in the blogosphere.  I personally can’t stand anything Michigan (except cherries!), so for me it’s PURDUE

Belk Bowl
Charlotte, NC
December 27th - 8pm
Cardinals v Wolfpack

ILPT:  Dang. One of the bowls that doesn’t involve food. No matter, in case you didn’t know, Belk’s is a department store in North Carolina. I like shopping, and they have nice socks. It’s close on either side, with both teams winning many of their last 6 games, but when you look at Louisville and their defense, that’s the edge but not by much. I give the Cardinals the win by a field goal. Cardinals =cuter and faster than wolves. LOUISVILLE
PG: Gotta go with the wolfpack on this one. Long standing non-hate trumps moderate indifference. NC STATE
TM: A friend/coworker of mine is a NC State fan and stood by me during the issues at my alma mater, so for that reason my pick is NC STATE
AKT: Can I pick a team that isn’t even sure how to pronounce it’s school name (Looavul, Luhvul, Lewisville, etc)?  Cardinals are pretty birds though.  Go Looeyville! LOUISVILLE

Military Bowl
Washington, DC
December 28th - 4:30pm
Falcons v Rockets

PG: I think we know where I’m going to go with this one. It’s the Military Bowl, and the Falcons of Air Force are representing. And, as usual, and forever, I still haven’t made up my mind about Toledo (mmhmm, Scallions). AIR FORCE
TMMy brother proudly serves in the Air Force so they could be against just about any other team (except the Nittany Lions) and I would pick AIR FORCE
AKT: I am proud to be an American!  Go Force!!! AIR FORCE
ILPT: Air Force because Falcons are naturally faster than Rockets… and if you don’t pick Air Force, you hate America. AIR FORCE

Holiday Bowl
San Diego, CA
December 28th - 8pm
Golden Bears v Longhorns

TM:  I’ll admit something here.  Whenever I hear ‘Golden Bears’ my mind turns the mascot into ‘Gummi Bears’ (yes, the yellow ones).  So for this pick I wondered who would win in a fight – a golden ‘aka’ gummi bear vs longhorn.  I think the stickiness of the gummi bear would confuse a longhorn long enough to win the battle.  So I’ll pick the Golden Bears over the Longhorns (sorry Matthew McConaughey – you can still call me if things with Camilla don’t work out). CAL
AKTGummi bears!  Bouncing hear and there and everywhere! High adventure that’s beyond compare!  Except a bowl win.  Hook ‘em Horns! TEXAS
ILPT: Holiday… celebrate… if we took a holiday…took some time to celebrate (oh,yeah, oh yeah…)… Longhorns. Madonna would totally pick cows over bears in her videos. TEXAS
PG: Too funny about the Golden Bears - I’ll be thinking this now too. I have to go with Cal, not because of the Ferris Bueller gummy bear connection - but because I’m spiteful and some texas people have been mean lately - CAL

Champs Sports Bowl
Orlando, FL
December 29th - 5:30pm
Seminoles v Fighting Irish

AKT: Eenie, meenie, miney, mo – seriously is anyone outside of ND/FSU fans going to watch this?  Highly unlikely.  I caught a tiger by the toe and when he hollered it sounded like a Seminole.  FSU for the win!  
ILPTSeminoles = cuter and faster than drunk Irish. (Oh, no, she, did-unt. Oh, yes, I did). FSU by 3. FSU
PG: HOW WHY WHERE do they come up with these match ups - is it just to hurt me? Probably not - but after a little hollerin myself - I’ll pick FSU. bleh.
TMThis is like asking me to choose if I’d like to be spit on or kicked in the face.  Neither are appealing, but even with Bobby gone I just can’t pick FSU.  So my pick is NOTRE DAME (that hurt…)

Alamo Bowl
San Antonio, TX
December 29th - 9pm
Bears v Huskies

ILPT:  Baylor’s first appearance at the 1994 Alamo Bowl resulted in a 10-3 loss to Washington State. Not this year. Bears = cuter than Huskies --- and faster especially with Heisman-winning Robert Griffin. Washington’s pass defense, at 116 in the nation, doesn’t have a shot. BAYLOR.
PG: What an awesome bit of trivia. I don’t know if bears are cuter - but I think you’re right about the FAST part - plus they have Coach Norwood - I pick BAYLOR.
TM: I’ve been a (Jordan) Norwood fan since the moment he stepped on the field at PSU.  And now that I actually remember his last name (it’s NOT Norfolk, Norwich, or Norplant) I have to go for his pops at BAYLOR
AKT: Normally, I am a fan of plain white socks.  However, RGIII has the best socks ever!!  He is superman!  Therefore—Baylor on sock choice alone. BAYLOR

Armed Forces Bowl
Dallas, TX
December 30th - Noon
Cougars v Golden Hurricane

PG: We’ve had some fun over the years making fun of the Golden Hurricane - of Tulsa - the mind images are just not pretty - but they’re playing BYU - so I’ve got to go with the Hurricane. TULSA
TM: I can’t abide by a team that has to wear special Mormon underpants.  I just can’t.  So despite my concern about what actually constitutes a ‘GOLDEN’ hurricane my pick is TULSA
AKT:  As a meteorologist wanna be, I understand the level of devastation a hurricane can cause.  I’m not picking against Mother Nature! TULSA
ILPTCougars=cute & fast animal and a fast woman. Mormons. BYU Cougars. It’s funny.

Pinstripe Bowl
New York, NY
December 30th - 3:20pm
Scarlett Knights v Cyclones

TM:   Football at Yankee’s Stadium???  It almost feels wrong, but I guess you have to do something with the stadium in the winter.  Rutgers goes into the game with a 8-4 record, while Iowa State enters at 6-6.  Add in that they’ve already played – and won – a game at Yankee’s stadium and beat Pitt and it’s a no brainer.  RUTGERS all the way! 
AKT: I am only four degrees of separation away from Greg Schiano.  Can’t bet against that. RUTGERS
ILPT:  I’m picking neither of these as being cuter, but say Scarlett Knights can outrun a Cyclone. RUTGERS.
PG: I’d like to have a reason to root against the Knights, but ISU just isn’t compelling enough. RUTGERS

Music City Bowl
Nashville, TN
December 30th - 6:40pm
Demon Deacons v Bulldogs

AKT: Demon Deacons sounds like an oxymoron to me.  Why are their deacons demons?  Are they deacons for the evil one himself?  In that case, I am not sure I can root for those who support the evil one.  Since Dan Mullen is on our coaching searching dream list – let’s go for Mississippi State.  MSU
ILPT: Bulldogs = cuter & faster than Deacons or any clergyman in robes. MSU.
PG: I don’t think that Mullen will be making the trip north - but I do think he’ll be winning on the 30th - MSU - more cowbell, please.
TM: Since I already went with the (Sun) devils in an earlier pick and lightening didn’t strike me I think it’s safe to go with the Demon Deacons.  Besides, their first mascot was actually a tiger.  My pick is WAKE FOREST

Insight Bowl
Tempe, AZ
December 30th - 10pm
Sooners v Hawkeyes

ILPT:  OOOOOOOOOOOO…klahoma  … enjoy the musical stylings of Hugh Jackman, I love any bowl in Tempe, a party town that rivals State College. This takes me back to the 1992 Fiesta Bowl appearance and blowout when Penn State destroyed Tennessee. I was there and it was GLORIOUS
As much as I love the Hawkeyes and support the B1G 10, I’m picking Oklahoma. Sooners aren’t cuter than Hawkeyes, but in this case, they’re faster and speed counts. OK is better than ok; they’re one of the best teams in the nation. At 9-3 this season, and 3-1 in non BCS bowls, odds are favoring the Sooners (rather than laters). OKLAHOMA
PG: Another game where my pride/spite gets the better of me. Usually I’d pick the hawkeyes every dang time against the Brian Bosworths - but not this year. OKLAHOMA.
TM: You can tell my picks are not based on who will actually win when I announce my pick.  Remember folks, I was the kid who rooted for the Brewer’s (while living in Indiana) because no one ever rooted for them and I felt bad for them.  So I’ll be defiant and pick IOWA.
AKT: Ha ha!!  This is for 2008 Iowa!!  I want to pick you but sorry it’s just not happening.  Okie dokie for the win! OKLAHOMA

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