It's (almost) The Final Countdown; Results from 2011 - 2012 Totally Biased Bowl Predictions

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Texas A&M v Northwestern

Uh oh - better call... I mean Aggies won 33 - 22, them and whoever took the "over" on the Dan Persa mentions.

KT: 15/19
ILPT: 14/19
PG: 15/19
TM: 8/19

Sun Bowl
Georgia Tech v Utah

So, Urban Meyer's former employer beat O'Brien's former employer - color me shocked. Utes win 30 - 27.
KT: 15/20
ILPT: 14/20
PG: 15/20
TM: 8/20

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl
UCLA v Illinois

There was just so much wrong with this match-up. But Illinois was able to eke out a winning season - Ill 20 UCLA 14

KT: 16/21
ILPT: 15/21
PG: 16/21
TM: 9/21

Liberty Bowl
Cincinnati v Vanderbilt

Close game, but Cincy came out on top. I'm sure that Nick Lachey is thrilled. Bearcats win 31 - 24.

KT: 16/22
ILPT: 16/22
PG: 17/22
TM: 10/22

Chick-fil-A Bowl
Virginia v Auburn

War eagle came out with a vengeance - Auburn wins big 43 - 24.

KT: 16/23
ILPT: 17/23
PG: 17/23
TM: 10/23

Ticket City Bowl
Penn State v Houston

Do we even have to do this one? Everything that couldn't happen did - Cougars win 30 - 14 (it wasn't that close).

KT: 16/24
ILPT: 17/24
PG: 17/24
TM: 10/24

Capital One Bowl
South Carolina v Nebraska

Oops. Prolly shoulda gone with Sparty, eh Cap One? Gamecocks win 30 - 13.

KT: 16/25
ILPT: 17/25
PG: 17/25
TM: 10/25

Gator Bowl
Ohio State v Florida

Gators clip the horse chestnuts 24 - 17

KT: 17/26
ILPT: 17/26
PG: 18/26
TM: 11/26

Outback Bowl
Michigan State v Georgia

Needed 3 overtimes, in one of the better bowl games of the season, but Sparty outlasted the Dawgs 33 - 30.

KT: 18/27
ILPT: 18/27
PG: 19/27
TM: 11/27

Rose Bowl
Oregon v Wisconsin

Wow, another close, defense optional game. Badgers had the (albeit slight) edge for most of the game - but not at the end. Ducks win 45 - 38.

KT: 18/28
ILPT: 19/28
PG: 19/28
TM: 11/28

Fiesta Bowl
Okla State v Stanford

Probably my favorite game of the BS - Pokes tied the game late in the 4th (although most thought it might not be late enough), and they won in overtime, 41 - 38.

KT: 19/29
ILPT: 20/29
PG: 20/29
TM: 11/29

Sugar Bowl
Michigan v Virginia Tech

Proving that UM gets the calls no matter where they go - Michigan wins 23 - 20.

KT: 19/30
ILPT: 20/30
PG: 20/30
TM: 11/30

Orange Bowl
West Virginia v Clemson

This one was soooo LOLZ I almost forgot about the TCbowl, almost. Proving (to me) that old grudges aren't always good to keep - WVU pulverizing Clemson 70 - 33. And really, it wasn't that close.

KT: 19/31
ILPT: 20/31
PG: 20/31
TM: 11/31

Cotton Bowl
Arkansas v Kansas State

Razorbacks win and we have a new points leader!!!

KT: 20/32
ILPT: 21/32
PG: 20/32
TM: 11/32

Compass Bowl
SMU v Pittsburgh

Mustangs stampede the panthers. SMU wins 28 - 6. Remember the 5.

KT: 21/33
ILPT: 22/33
PG: 21/33
TM: 12/33

Just 2 games left, and Dena is guaranteed a 1st place finish but we'll have to wait for the Championship game to see if she has company!

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