Jay Paterno - There should be a spot for you at Penn State

Let's start by stating I have never been a fan of Jay Paterno. I disliked the nepotism and failure to adapt that he represented. I assumed that coaching was a stop along his way to something in politics or journalism. In fairness it probably was part of his plan if things hadn't gone so wrong this year. But I'll say this - Jay has faced scorn of the media (and of most fans going back to his clipboard days) and through it all has kept his head high and been there for the players. I am still not convinced he belongs on the sidelines on Saturdays in Happy Valley, but I'm convinced he deserves a place at Penn State. Maybe the Athletic Department (couldn't be worse than Joyner) or on the Board of Trustees. Wouldn't that be sweet justice for him to be on the BOT? So to Jay Paterno, you say Penn State has been your life and I believe you. Your actions since November 5 convince me you belong at Penn State, something I never thought I'd be convinced of.

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WFY said...

Prior to the scandal, I figured he'd wind up with Fran Ganter's assistant AD job. I don't see that happening now.

I wouldn't be surprised if he pursues the Yale head coaching job, but I don't know about Yale's interest in him.

Other guess -- Big Ten network analyst.

PSUgirl said...

my mind and opinion twists and turns on this, daily, if not hourly. I really want everything to be "okay" at Penn State - and yet I'm kinda resigned to the fact that it's not going to be.

I have listened/read so many other people's opinions on Paterno - I've been ready to start an action committee to restore his legacy - and at other times I've wondered just why he didn't set fire to the whole situation - years ago.

But, like TM, one thing that has emerged from all of this is a (albeit reluctant) lessening of my dislike of Jay Paterno. I don't know if he'd want to be in a Joe Free State - but, as I'm still in the "the BOT must go" camp - I think it would be poetic justice for JP to replace someone.