Turn! Turn! Turn!

They say for every season there is a time for change.  Change is something historically Penn Staters have not had to experience or handled well when it does happen (see uniform changes).

However, change has been thrust upon us. Drastic changes we knew would come at some point, but not in this way. But we have a choice on how we go from here. We can accept our new Coach, trust him not to lead us in the wrong direction.  Or we can resist.

I choose the former.  I will not blindly follow,  but I will give Coach a chance to earn my trust, as he asked.  But to move forward, we must first say thanks to the man that makes this change so hard.

Thank you JoePa for showing all of us, both inside and outside the football family, what it means to be an honorable person.  For showing us what words like dignity, integrity and pride mean.  Thank you for showing us that there was a better, a right way,  of doing things. Thank you for believing in us.

Thank you Joe!

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