2theLion Blue White Contest; We got Spirit(s)!

Do what Bill O'Brien, couldn't ...

WIN THE SUEPA BOWL! (more on that below)

All you have to do is come up with our favorite new big drink recipe!

A little background: Every year, we host 2 to 3 (or 5) large group (50+) tailgates. To minimize prep-time and maximize efficiency, we have developed a series of "big drink" recipes to serve in the parking lots.

In preparation for the Blue White game this year, and when discussing what might be an interesting new big drink recipe, Tailgate Maven suggested - Let's have a contest!

And, as I always has to have a theme, I added - inspired by Coach O'Brien.
Penn State coach Bill O'Brien
So we're asking you to send us your ideas and/or recipes for a mass-quanity beverage, with a New England, irish, butt chin, or George O'Leary twist!

And now, some guidelines:

- Drink recipes should be your own creation; we're looking for something yummy, but original too.
- Recipes don't have to include spirits, but...
- We don't need exact quantities, but portions need to be expandable to 5 gallons - so I'm thinking no to the gin martini.

We will review (and possibly re-review) the submissions and pick our favorites. The top 3 or so will be featured at our Blue White Tailgate (April 21st) where we will treat our guests to a taste test.

The Winner will be chosen based on popularity at the tailgate and our own super subjective whims.

First (well, the only) Prize will receive a treasure that most only dream of... The SuePa Bowl!!!!

AND, of course there are some rules:

- Recipe entries must be posted in comments below or on 2theLion's Facebook wall by 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Friday, April 13th (aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!)!
- For this contest, because it's probably going to involve adult beverages, please only enter if you are 21 or older.
- You will only win our respect for your skill for brevity if you post your recipe on Twitter; As a result, Twitter and/or email entries will not count for purposes of this contest.
- To participate via Facebook, post your recipe on our 2theLion page.
- To participate via the blog, post your recipe in the comments.
- You may enter as many times as you like.
- Offensive comments will be deleted and will not be considered as entries in this contest.
- We have to be able to contact you if you win, so either post on Facebook, register with Blogger, or email your contact info to PSUgirl at 2thelion dot com.
- By posting a recipe, you agree that we may reproduce any or all of the recipe; additionally, you agree that we may post (and re-post) any part or all of your submission, including your name/username as a part of the contest announcement and/or promotions (this does not include any personal information such as addresses, emails and/or personal links).
- Prizes (there's only one) will only be shipped within the US (please don't riot Canada); and may differ from provided image(s) - y'all like dixie cups, right? - due to availability and manufacturer controls.
- Decisions regarding eligibility, timing, shipping and WINNING are ours to make and are final.


oldlioness said...

I invented a fabulous new drink at the end of last season that I dubbed "Passionate Sunrise". Math wasn't my strong suit, so I'll have to figure out quantities to get to 5 gallons (and it's expensive). The individual drink is about 6 oz. of Bolthouse Farms Passionfruit Guava Orange Juice, a shot of Jose Cuervo Gold and a splash of Grand Marnier. Pour it in an ice filled cup! Guess I could change the name to Bolthouse Billy or SuePa Sunrise!
Even if it doesn't win the SuePa Bowl, the drink itself is a winner! Great for starting the day.

PSUgirl said...

that sounds really good - I'll consult with Tailgate Maven (our big drink guru) about the proportions, possible substitutions.


oldlioness said...

Oh...and I forgot. If you have some fresh limes (which I bring w/me from SoCal) squeeze and throw in a thin lime wedge!

AmandaKT said...

BOB's Blue Brownie

2 bottles cake vodka
1 bottle marshmallow vodka
1 bottle clear CuraƧao
1 or 2 bottle(s) blue cuarco
Sprite and blue hawaiian punch to taste

Serve with brownies with blue white sprinkles :0)

Created by Jennifer and Rob

PSUgirl said...

Amanda, I don't know if that's brilliant or terrifying