"You drink that with what!?!"

Oh the Gin Bucket!

We were introduced to this delicious treat back when Syracuse came to Happy Valley to play. Of course theirs was a stain producing orange. Our version is much friendlier to your white PSU gear.

To make the Gin Bucket first thing first - find a bucket. Any bucket will do but I prefer one specifically for is purpose. A bottle of gin of your choosing, a two liter bottle of lemon lime pop (yes, pop. I don't drink soda) and some fresh citrus fruit. Mix together to your desired taste and cut fruit to garnish. We tend to Go Big and mix the full bottle of each.

Best when served with a turkey baster, however other drinking methods are ok for those of you who didn't declare Mixology as your second major.

I thought about adding some blue kool-aid to freshen it up in our of our new coach. However, just like Coach BOB and the current Penn State roster, there is nothing wrong with the current ingredients, it's how you use the gin bucket that will determine if you are going to the National Championship or not.

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PSUgirl said...

love it. And the fruit is particularly delicious around 3pm or so ;) One variation might be to add some blue curaƧao (orangey - and blue) to the mix.