The First Ever Big Drink Recipe Contest; We Have a Winner!

If you follow along on Facebook or Twitter, then you know that the Billini was crowned winner of our Big Drink Recipe Contest; if you don't, well then, forget what you just read.

We had a great time going through the entries for the Big Drink Contest - it was particularly fun seeing how our fellow fans had interpreted PSU's new coach, Bill O'Brien through drink.

Some entries were off the wall - AmandaKT - "blue hawaiian punch to taste?"- and some were a bit complicated (read: expensive) - but our 3 contenders fit every condition - expandable to large quantities, fun, inspired, and good.

First, the Billini. Submitted by Dance Mom, Tailgater and Candidate Extraordinaire, Karen Weaver, the Billini was a take on the popular champagne drink. Taking a bit of artistic license with Karen's original recipe, we used, prosecco, peach vodka, orange juice/drink, peach juice, and peach soda - it was peachy.

Next we had the blue Bill O'Margaritatini - brought to us by tailgating legend Carol Pilgrim, it was a traditional lime margarita with blue curacao and lemon-lime soda. I admit, I did throw in a splash of orange juice.

Finally, the Cape Bob. A spin on the traditional vodka-cranberry drink, we made the Cape Bob with vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, and blue curacao. The resulting color was rather remarkable.

As has been said, each drink received a lot of votes - the tally was tied, or at least very close, throughout the day. However, taking into consideration the fan vote and our own super subjective opinions, the clear winner was the Billini.

The SuePa Bowl has been sent (reportedly twice) and Karen can now boast that she has done what Bill O'Brien couldn't....


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