You know it's the off season when...; I even notice what's in the WSJ

So my co-worker sent me the link to Buzz Bissinger's "sports" column in the Wall Street Journal where he asserts that College Football Should Be Banned.

I'd seen the article - but didn't really think it was worth a response - my intention had been to reply with a one line response - here's what it morphed into...

yeah, i saw that. whatever. 
it's a rather vague opinion piece just trying to get attention, imo. I mean, there are a lot of other things you could whine about - both with respect to college athletics - or just football - and the university system. 

Butch Davis hasn't been unc's coach for what 2-3 years now? and to lump PSU in just for the sake of "scandal" is just lazy writing (because this isn't journalism) - because, while some will argue that the mess at PSU is because of football, everything that he is saying is wrong about college football isn't happening at PSU (yet). PSU athletics does promote academics - the students, lettermen and campus buildings reflect that, and to suggest that athletics as a whole serve no academic purpose is just inane. PSU football does make money and it bank rolls the entire athletic department, and creates jobs and revenue for so many in the area (and beyond!). With respect to the NCAA, football practice/workouts/playing time is STRICTLY regulated (ask rich rodriguez) - if you want to cry about athlete time commitment - do an article on college baseball/softball. Tuition increases have nothing to do with the athletic departments - $ raised/earned there can't, usually, be part of the general fund - plus, are you really going to boo-hoo about Oregon's tuition, or is this just an angle to mention Nike and the ACADEMIC center? Oregon's in-state tuition & fees cost is... under $4K a semester (ranging $2,425 for 12 credits up to $3,937 for 21 credits), even adding the 9% increase, I think most of them will be able to cope. *By way of comparison, Penn State students at the University Park campus pay double what Oregon students do - undergraduate tuition & fees costs range from $7,900 to $10,100 per semester, depending on major and year; and they face a 20% cut in state funding, following a 30% cut last year. 

Also, if you want to attack a college sport for being nothing more than a cash-cow farm system - write about basketball.

Anyway - i was going to send a 1 line response - but...

*added to original email 

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