You Know It's The Off Season When...; We're recycling posts!! Playoff Edition!

So, it's the off-season - as you know - and there has been a deluge of playoff talk now that the Powers that Be (read: Jim Delany) have decided that what the BCS and Football Bowl Subdivision needs is a four team playoff.

This could be the trophy.

There's been so much discussion on who should or shouldn't be included and where and when - I thought I'd revisit the plan I posted, back on June 28, 2007, as part of a round-table discussion.

Santa, all we really want for Christmas is a viable playoff system.

Let me know what you think...

I’d use a “formula” based on an average of rankings, recalculated (actuary powers activate!) strength of schedule, cutest quarterback, etc. Regardless of Conference alliance - the top 8 (or 16) teams would be invited. (then again, I may change that - with all those SEC teams playing each other in southern venues - the speed on the field might be too great for digital and HD tv signals to keep up)

All non-invited teams would be free to play in the non-participating bowl games. Bowl games would be scheduled as usual.
In the beginning - there would be 8 teams. 4 round one games 2 round two games and 1 championship game. The games would be played at the following bowl sites - 
Permanent venues (can you guess?):
Fiesta Bowl
Orange Bowl
Rose Bowl
Sugar Bowl
Rotating sites:
Citrus Bowl (yes, we’re going old school)
Cotton Bowl
Peach Bowl
Holiday Bowl
Gator Bowl
Liberty Bowl
Any bowl game that is scheduled for a round one game has the option to “pass” (in a timely manner) on hosting the game that year to host their “regular” bowl game instead. In such event an alternative site will be designated.
Once the masses have accepted their fate - we’ll expand it to a 16 team (not 88) field - with the first round being played at the higher seed’s home field (brrr it’s cold out here).

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