The Blues Tailgate! PSU v Ohio

"The Blues" is the nickname for Chelsea's soccer club - and, well, yes, it does serve well as a play on words this week/season/life.

HOWEVER, that's not going to stop us from having a great time on Saturday as we welcome the 2012 football (and tailgate) season.

The ohio bobcats have worn green and white since 1896 - before then they wore... blue and white. And, out of respect for and in honor of the victims of child abuse, the ohio players will be wearing a blue ribbon on their helmets for this game.

Ohio has a solid team. They won the East Division MAC(tion) last season and finished in the top 45 nationally of all major categories: Passing (43rd); Rushing (24th); Points for (41st); and, Points against (32nd). To compare to PSU, they scored 35 points agains Temple. The retooled PSU offense is going to have to be sharp as is the Lions' strong but (arguably) shallow defense. While most of the coverage (in the world) has been on PSU for this game, many pundits consider this to be the toughest (on the field) home opener PSU has faced since 2005 (South Florida). So our Lions are going to need every ounce of support we can muster!

Game time is at 12pm - so the lots open at 7am. We're parking in Green this season.* It's the lot on the west (pressbox) side of the stadium - between Curtin (BJC) and University Park Ave (IM fields; Devil's Doorknob). We're in the middle of the lot - closer to Park Ave.

We'll be flying the blue flag of Chelsea and a PSU flag - so keep an eye out for the Lions.

The current accuweather forecast is high of 84 (with high humidity; surprised?) and partly sunny. The chance for rain has been reduced to a slight possibility for a thunderstorm - but it's always smart to be prepared. High temperatures and humidity increase the chances for heat related illness - so make sure you dress appropriately and stay hydrated. Sunscreen is a must, even if it's hazy.

Have a great time on Saturday, and, if you're able, stop by to say hello (or to stay awhile). 

*As this is the first game of the season, there is always the possibility of there being issues with the parking/location, etc. If we run into any issues, we will contact those of you that we can and will post to the facebook page and twitter.

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