Aside from the opinions of others; PENN STATE v NAVY, A Nautical Adventure.

Penn State hosts the midshipmen of Navy this weekend and we're hosting a nautical themed tailgate in honor of our Lions and those who serve.

The food preparation has taken a turn toward piratey and tropical, so expect to see some pineapples.

Gametime is 3:30pm (no joke!) so the lots will open at 8am - the RVers will be in the lots Thursday evening, so, no matter what time you show up they'll be there. Check out Diesel Tailgate's facebook page or contact us if you would like more information.

The midshipmen wear Navy (shocked face!) and gold - so it's a silver jewelry/accessories day.

It's also Military Appreciation Day at the Stadium - or as I'd like to call it "hug a soldier/sailor day."

 We Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

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Mike Caton said...

Hope everything is going well guys. At this time of year, out here in CA I always miss the leaves changing and tailgating. Tomorrow, however, I will enjoy reporting to the Navy hospital where I'm doing my OBGYN rotation, where I will make a number of comments which will probaby not help my evaluation, but will be funny.