You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Angry; Reaction to PSU Snub in Tailgating Magazine

Our own ILovePSUtoo took issue with the most recent issue of the online (and, apparently, print) publication, Tailgater Monthly. Not only did the editors leave PSU out of their list of the "Top 21" College Football Tailgate Schools (funny enough, I was annoyed that PSU wasn't #1, an emotion that built as I realized PSU wasn't even mentioned), but in their "editor's note" they started off their College Football edition to say "Penn State aside..." 

So ILovePSUtoo decided to write to them about it...

To the editors of Tailgater Monthly:

I'd like to comment on your recent "Editor's Note" in your September 2012 issue where you state, "Penn State aside, it's going to be an exciting fall."

Are you implying that Penn State tailgating will fail to be exciting? Are you implying that Penn State football will fail to be exciting? Well, dear editors, you are wrong.

As a Penn State grad who recently put together a tailgate for 16 friends, old and new, at the away PSU game at University of Virginia, I say no. It was still exciting.

It was exciting to wake up early and pack my two young kids, football players themselves, all my gear and drive up into the foggy mountains of Western Virginia, and drive over the mountain, breaking through the fog to see the sun and the town emerge. It was exciting to see one of the most beautiful college campuses and stadiums in the country, in the early morning sun. It was exciting to tailgate with friends from all over the East coast, and meet new UVA alumni friends to boot.

It was exciting to walk with thousands of others to Scott Stadium, feeling the combined energy of the crowd, talking to UVA fans along the way. It was exciting to walk into the stadium and see thousands of fans - from PSU and UVA - cheering their school on with pride and wild abandon. It was exciting to see my team rush onto the field and watch how UVA fans were classy enough not to boo.

It was exciting to meet a PSU alum - sitting right next to me - who works at the same company I do and experience one of those exciting "what a small world" moments.It was exciting to be part of a great college football game, even though the outcome was not what I hoped it would be for this Penn State team. It was exciting to walk back to the tailgate, hearing words of support from complete strangers -- UVA grads. It was exciting to sprint through a sudden downpour, laughing with my kids to the car. It was exciting spend a few more minutes with good friends, and get a few extra hugs from my friend I've known for 21 years ---and a friend I'd known for just a day before heading home.

We all know that win or lose, tailgating and supporting our college teams will always be exciting. Because with football, you never know what's next. You never know what might happen, and there's always hope that it will be something great.

Same with tailgating.

Tailgating is spending time with family, friends and making new friendships along the way. And you never know what will happen next. You just hope it will be great.

So before you pass judgment on a university fan base and assume that they won't be excited, or that the fall won't be exciting for them, or try to insert your own personal little dig at a school, think again.

I have to applaud her restraint.

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