TPTB may have exacted their craven paltriness upon the young men who make up the current Penn State Football team and pirated the accomplishments of many who played before them - but not today, not any more, because we're giving all back with our own...

BCS Championship!!!

We, modestly and with great solemnity, present to you the opportunity to help us pick the Bestest, Cutest, Smartest Penn State Football Players (and coaches & mascots, if you like), to ever wear the Blue and White (or Black and Pink if you're into nostalgic stuff).

How will we do this? In the most democratic and logical way known to humankind... a playoff. We will choose, with your help, 64 of the most BCS worthy PSUers to match up against one another until we crown the BCS Champion.

Thru Saturday, December 1st, we'll be taking nominations for those you deem worthy to don the moniker of Champion.

Just comment here, or on Facebook, or Tweet your nominations with the *hashtag* #2theLionBCS, with your favorite Penn Staters who are truly BCS caliber (okay, maybe that's all of them). Be bold, be fair, be confident in your choices - and nominate, as grown men (and ladies) do.

On December 2nd, while others fuss about airfare costs to San Antonio and Boise,  we'll reveal the nominees and the match-up brackets for the Tournament of Champions. 

For your efforts, we're combining the nomination process with a contest (& more prizes as the championships progresses)! Every person who makes a nomination, and sends us their contact information (by email, DM, or is otherwise easily contactable, through Twitter or Facebook), will be entered into a random drawing to win a hand-knit scarf from Carol Willie, who, along with her Happy Valley, Oregon family, has maintained a close connection with Penn State Football, through the Lift-for-Life program. Although already well-known within the charity, the Willie family was a reminder to us all just how BCS Penn State is when this video aired earlier this year...

We will be posting match-ups throughout the bowl season (what's that, a season for people who are too challenged to use plates?), with more opportunities to win!!!

Of course there are some rules...
- Nominations must be posted (tweeted/etc), and contact information received, by 11:59pm (23:59) on December 1, 2012.
- Winner will be chosen using computerized random number generator and will be announced on or around December 2, 2012
- There is no age limit on nominators, but contest participants will be limited to those who are 18 and older.
- Nominations are unlimited, but one contest entry per nominator.
- To participate via Facebook, post your nomination on our 2theLion page.
- To participate via the blog, post your nomination in the comments hereunder.
- To participate via Twitter, tweet your nomination with the hashtag #2theLionBCS.
- Offensive (to our totally subjective and delicate sensibilities) comments will be deleted and will not be considered as entries in this contest.
- We have to be able to contact you if you win, so either post on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@2theLion), register with Blogger, or email your contact info to PSUgirl at 2thelion dot com.
- By posting a nomination and entering the contest you agree that we may post (and re-post) any part or all of your submission, including your name/username as a part of the contest announcement and/or promotions (this does not include any personal information such as addresses, emails and/or personal links).
- FYI, 2theLioners are eligible to nominate (and will, freely) but are not, sadly, eligible to enter the contest (wah).
- Prizes (there's only one) will only be shipped within the US (please don't riot, again, Canada).
- Decisions regarding eligibility, timing, shipping and WINNING are ours to make and are final.


PSUgirl said...

I nominate: Kenny Jackson

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That last one was from Paige2psu. It didn't let me sign in using my google account.

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