I'll have a Whiteout Offseason that's Certain; 2theLion BCS Prizes!!!

It's the time of year (when I watch football on the DVR) for giving and receiving - so, naturally, it's time of another contest!

There's still a few more days to vote in Round One (VOTE!)

We're (so slowly) posting our support for the players, and we'd like to hear what you have to say about your favorite Penn Staters! Just post an endorsement here in the comments, or tweet it for all to see, using the hashtag #2theLionBCS! Post as many comments/Tweets as many tweetles as you wish - each endorsement equals one entry into the pool!

So, what do you win? - we're giving away 4 (yes. 4!) "Whiteout" posters by SHDGFX (@spreadHGFX on Twitter)...

We'll be collecting entries throughout the BCS tournament and there are, of course, some rules:

- Only positive endorsements will count as entries - NO SMEAR CAMPAIGN!
- To participate via the blog, post your endorsement in the comments.
- To participate via Twitter, include the hashtag #2theLionBCS
- You may enter as many times as you like.
- Offensive comments will be deleted and will not be considered as entries in this contest.
- Offensive Tweets will be ignored and will not be considered as entries in this contest.
- We have to be able to contact you if you win, so either register with Blogger, or email your contact info to PSUgirl at 2thelion dot com.
- Winners will be determined by random selection; although multiple entries are permitted, only one prize will be awarded per participant.
- By posting a comment, you agree that we may reproduce any or all of the comment; additionally, you agree that we may post (and re-post) any part or all of your submission, including your name/username as a part of the contest announcement and/or promotions (this does not include any personal information such as addresses, emails and/or personal links).
- Prizes will only be shipped within the US (sorry America's Hat); and we are not responsible for any loss or damage during shipping/delivery.
- Decisions regarding eligibility, timing, shipping and WINNING are ours to make and are final.

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