Round 3 - The Contenders; 2theLion BCS Championships.

Any and all of the remaining candidates easily fit the moniker - Bestest, Cutest, Smartest Penn Stater.

But our task is to choose a Champion, and so we soldier on...

The 2theLion BCS Third Round Match-ups:

Match-up #1: Mauti vs Norwood

Michael Mauti

Jordan Norwood

Match-up #2: McGloin vs Clark

Matt McGloin

Darryl Clark

Match-up #3: Cappelletti vs Jackson

John Cappelletti

Kenny Jackson

Go to the 4:00 minute mark - do it - it's awesome.

Match-up #3: Lee vs Ham (are you kidding me?)

Sean Lee

Jack Ham

Match-up #5: Posluszny vs Warner (this is cruel)

Paul Posluszny

Curt Warner

Match-up #6: Williams vs O'Brien

Derrick Williams

Bill O'Brien

Match-up #7: Robinson vs Arrington (this one will hurt)

Michael Robinson

LaVar Arrington

Match-up #8: Carter vs Butler (I may cry)

Ki-Jana Carter

Deon Butler

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