The Penn Staters moving on to the 2nd Round..

From the Penn Division:

Michael Mauti lived up to his #1 seeding. He'll face John Urschel, who upended Zach Mills.

Jordan Norwood out-lasted a serge of votes for Tony Pittman to make it to the 2nd Round. Up next for
Norwood is Pro-Bowler, Navarro Bowman.

Matt McGloin came out on top in a really close race against Matt Bahr. He's going to have to bring on the Moxie and more for his next match-up against Shane Conlan.

Franco Harris might have some critics in the media, but he's still a hit with the BCS voters - he soars into the 2nd Round to face equally popular, Darryl Clark.

In the State Division:

John Cappalletti rushed into the next round (had har). By ONE, yes, ONE vote, Kyle Brady edged out Mike Reid to be Cappelletti's next opponent.

In a little bit of an upset, Bryan Scott made it past Joy Paterno; he'll go up against Kenny Jackson in the 2nd Round. Jackson spun past Rosey by again, ONE VOTE!

Sean Lee moves into the 2nd Round to face Evan Royster.

Jack Ham scored over initial-mate Jordan Hill; he meets Todd Blackledge in the next round.

How the Nittany Division ended:

With really no surprise, Paul Posluszny storms into the 2nd Round. His next victim match-up? Scott Radecic.

Apparently Mrs. Brown's pasta is even better, as Courtney upset Jimmy Cefalo. Curt Warner moves on with a convincing win.

Derrick Williams edged out Leo Wisniewski to move on to the second round, where he'll face the artful Matthew Rice.

Kerry Collins sails into the next round. Up next for Collins? Our esteemed coach, Bill O'Brien.

Lions Division Results:

Is it a case of age over beauty? Not sure, but Tom Bradley is moving on. Next up for Scrap? Deon Butler.

It was a close contest, but Dan Connor outlasted Lenny Moore. KiJana Carter is sure to be similarly tough opponent.

No suspense to this one, MRob cruises into the 2nd - we'll see next how he does against The Nittany Lion.

This one is tough for me to report - try not to cry - but then I'm guessing if you cared as much as I do, the voting would be different - LaVar convincingly topped Duffy Cobbs, and Spice (Anthony) Adams
trounced Coach Butler

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