La Mer - Southern France/Rivera Tailgate; Penn State v eastern michigan tailgate

The 2013 Football Season is upon us - in just a few short days we'll be traveling to our favorite fall arena - Beaver Stadium.

PSU hosts the eagles of eastern michigan to open their home schedule - and thinking that a directional opponent deserves a directional tailgate...

So we'll be serving dishes inspired by the south of France and the Rivera.

Including, but not (ever) limited to:

Pissaladiere - a french flatbread/tart/pizza with caramelized onions and black olives.

*Benedict Flatbread* - a spin on the popular brunch dish - scrambled eggs, canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce on a grilled flatbread crust.

Creamed Spinach Flatbread - creamy spinach and gruyere white sauce on a grilled flatbread, with marinated grape tomatoes.

This is now in the freezer - just waiting to share its deliciousness.

Niçoise chicken wraps - herby roasted chicken wrapped up with Salad Niçoise fixings and a light vinaigrette.

Charcuterie et Fromage - an assortment of meats, cheeses, and veggies (and, of course, accoutrements).

Gougeres and french bread.

Lemon cream cheese pound cake with fresh and compoted fruit and Chocolate Madeleines (shells, paw-prints AND fleur-de-lis).


Rob said...

Nice. Any ideas where the tailgate will be?

PSUgirl said...

Green Lot - same spots as last season. We'll be posting more details soon.

ilovepsutoo said...

Cross your fingers that my kids' football league pushes their 8/31 game back a week . We've lost about 5 days of practices due to rain. If they push it back, we can come to PSU that weekend!!!!