Penn State v illinois; Cup o' Joe - Coffee Shop Tailgate!

The Lions have some wounds to heal, literally and figuratively, and look to bounce back against the 3-4 fighting beckmans beckmen illini of illinois.

Currently the weather forecast is mid 50s and breezy (*real feel* in the 40s), so wear layers and bring a hat and gloves. Remember that illinois is one of those pesky "we also wear blue" teams - avoid orange accessories.

Game time is 12 noon - so the lots will open at 7am and we'll be there bright and early. We're back in the Green (press box/west side) Lot this week (and for the rest of the season) - we're in the first row of grass parking, next to the soccer field(s). Contact us if you need more info.

If you must stay at home (boooooooooo on you!), the game will be aired on ESPN.

As you may have gleaned, our theme this week is Coffee Shop - it's an early start, and we figured that we could all use a nice tall cup o' joe.

Just some of our Coffee Shop favorites - from Breakfast to Linner:

Egg Sandwiches on homemade english muffins;
Chili and cornbread;
Banana Bread;
Mochachino Cookies;
Blueberry Buttermilk Cake;
Kielbasa; and (of course),
Lots of Coffee and Tea drinks (decaf available)

As always, everyone is welcome; please stop by to say *hi* or to stay the day. We plan to tailgate before and after the game. Contributions of food and/or beverage are appreciated, but not necessary.

Hope to see you there!

To the Lion!

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