Pay No Attention to Those Rumors Behind the Curtain and Celebrate the BCS With 2theLion; PSU v nebraska Bacon, Corn and Soup Tailgate.

We've all heard the rumblings in and around the interwebs but let's just ignore that for a moment and turn our attention(s) to the final home game and tailgate of the season and catch BCS fever...

...Bacon, Corn and Soup Tailgate fever, that is.

(the finally announced) Kickoff is at 3:30pm, which means the parking lots will open at 8am. The weather report isn't the best ever (especially following this past weekend) - the current forecast is calling for possible showers with a high of 43F and a low of 23F. Layers, weather proof footwear/outerwear, and warm socks are recommended.

nebraska is our one home red team this season - so bring the blue. 

We'll be there when the lots open (see above) and parking in the green lot (west/press box side of the stadium), right next to the soccer fields. Contact us for more specific directions, as needed.

To celebrate great taste and competition we've decided up our strength of menu rankings and feature the flavors of bacon and corn, in addition to and combination with soul warming soup. Just a few of the selections will be: Ham; bacon wrapped steak; Homemade chili Frito pie, in a bag; corn pie; Italian wedding soup (2.0); bacon, cheese & potato soup; corn dog muffins; bacon mixed nut bars; kielbasa; an assortment of snacks; and, a variety of beverages, hot and cold.

(unlike that other bcs) All Are Invited; so please stop by, whether it's to say *hello* or stay the day. Any contribution of food and/or beverage is appreciated but not necessary. Any questions or special requests, please just let us know.

…btw, The Bacon Bowl would be the best attended game of all time; just sayin. 



Tailgating Rhapsody; Penn State vs purdue Eastern European Tailgate

Strike up the grill now, the fun has begun… the eastern european tailgate!

We're excited to get back to Happy Valley to cheer on our Lions and to host our first eastern european themed tailgate - expect paprika - and pierogi - a lot of pierogi.

Kickoff is at 12pm so that means that the parking lots open at 7am. We'll be there - testing our cold weather gear for the first time this season.

Accuweather's current forecast is mostly sunny with a high 52F and a low of 37F. Which isn't too cold, but be sure to wear layers - and a hat!

The boilermakers of purdue sport black and gold - so wear your silver jewelry (shouldn't be too cold for it) and white thermals.

Our food Liszt this week includes:

Stuffed cabbages; hungarian paprika chicken legs; turkey reuben and roast pork *stackers* (pierogi - right on the sandwich!!); kielbasa; home made and artisan (i.e. pierogi kitchen) pierogi; hungarian cinnamon loaf; a variety of snacks & sweets; and, potato pancakes!

Our spot is in the Green Parking Lot (west/press box side) - text/message/call for specific directions.

All are welcome. Stop by to say 'hi' or stay the day. Contributions of food and beverage are appreciated but not required.

Hope to see you soon!